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S1. Cosmochemistry of planetary materials and planetary processes

1-9 Alvaro M.*, Jones A.P., McMillan P.F., Salzmann C.G., Murri M., Domeneghetti M.G., Nestola F., Prencipe M., Dobson D., Hazael R., Moore M., Vishnevsky S., Logvinova A.M. &  Sobolev N.K. : Structure characterization of impact natural diamond from Popigai crater
1-11 Campanale F.*, Folco L. & Glass B.P. : Impact ejecta from the Australasian microtektite layer: implication for target parent rock and impact location
1-6 Carli C.*, Di Genova D., Roush T.L., ErtelIngrisch W., Stefani S., Capaccioni F. & Dingwell D.B. : Reflectance and Raman spectroscopy of glassy igneous material with variable oxidation states
1-10 Carone L.*, Folco L. & D'Orazio M. : Microscopic impactor debris at Kamil Crater (Egypt): the origin of the Fe-Ni-oxide microscopic spherules
1-13 De Toffoli B.*, Carli C., Maturilli A., Sauro F., Massironi M. & Helbert J. : Reflectance spectroscopy applied to terrestrial analogues of Martian water-related environments
1-2 Di Rocco T.*, Gemelli M., Salvini M., D’Orazio M., Boschi C. & Folco L. : The fractionation of rare earth elements (REE) in enstatite chondrites: implication for planetary formation in the Inner Solar System
1-12 Folco L.*, Glass B.P., D'Orazio M. & Rochette P. : Projectile Identification in Australasian Microtektites Using Cr, Co and Ni Ratios
1-4 Gemelli M.*, Di Rocco T., Folco L. & D’Orazio M. : Identification of Mafic igneous rocks Parentage by Handheld Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
1-7 Longo S.*, D'Elia M., Fonti S., Mancarella F., Micca Longo G. & Orofino V. : Kinetics and thermochemistry of carbonate mineral decomposition under conditions relevant to planetology and astrobiology 
1-14 Manzari P.*, De Angelis S., De Sanctis M.C., Agrosì G. & Tempesta G. : Micro-imaging VIS-IR spectroscopy of Martian meteorites in support of the future MaMIss spectrometer measurements
1-15 Marinangeli L.*, Tangari A.C. & Pompilio L. : Sedimentary rocks and processes in Margaritifer Chaos, Mars
1-8 Micca Longo G.* & Longo S. : Atmospheric entry model of mixed MgxCa(1-x)CO3 micrometeoroids
1-5 Miozzi F.*, Morard G., Antonangeli D., Clark A., Edmumd E., Fiquet G. & Mezouar M. : On the interior of carbon rich exoplanets: new insights from Si-C system at ultra-high pressure
1-3 Pratesi G.* & Moggi Cecchi V. : Acfer 370: the “first” Forsterite Chondrite
1-16 Ricci L.*, Frondini F., Zucchini A., Petrelli M., Canteri R., Pepponi G., Palmerini S., Trippella O. & Busso M. : Oxygen isotopic analysis of Mineo (Sicily, Italy) pallasite
1-17 Serventi G.*, Carli C. & Sgavetti M. : The role of very fine sizes in reflectance spectroscopy: new understanding for the interpretation of the finest fractions of regolith. Applications to the lunar regolith. 
1-1 Tribaudino M.*, Mantovani L., Bersani D. & Lottici P.P. : Raman, SEM-EDS and cathodoluminescence mapping of an altered Ca-Al inclusion in the Ranazzo CR2 carbonaceous chondrite

S2. Antarctica: a privileged observatory to understand the dynamics of the planet Earth

2-7 Cannata A.*, Del Carlo P., Giudice G., Giuffrida G., Larocca G., Liuzzo M. & ICEVOLC project team : ICE-VOLC Project: unravelling the dynamics of Antarctica volcanoes
2-1 Cianfarra P.* & Salvini F. : Towards a new geodynamic model of East Antarctica: intraplate strike-slip deformation corridor
2-2 Colleoni F.*, De Santis L., Bergamasco A., Montoli E., Petrini M. & Olivo E. : Interplay between ice dynamics, ocean water masses and the morphology of seabed
2-8 Correale A.*, Pelorosso B., Rizzo A.L., Coltorti M., Italiano F. & Bonadiman C. : 3He/4He homogeneous mantle source below the Western Antarctic Ridge System: main evidences from volatiles in mantle xenoliths
2-9 Danesi S.*, Salimbeni S. & Urbini S. : Joint Radio Echo Sounding and Seismic Observations in the David Glacier Area, North Victoria Land
2-6 Giacomoni P.P.*, Coltorti M., Bonadiman C., Ferlito C., Zanetti A. & Ottolini L. : The role of volatiles in the genesis of cenozoic magmatism in Northern Victoria land: new data from primary olivine-hosted melt inclusions
2-10 Iaccarino S.*, Carosi R., Montomoli C., Massonne H.J. & Opitz J. : Tectonometamorphic evolution of metasediments of the Dessent Unit (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): insights into the development of a HT suture zone
2-5 Leone N.*, Agostini S., Di Vincenzo G., Rocchi S. & Smellie J. : Extended magmatic differentiation in the Pleiades plumbing system induced by a thick ice cap during the last glacial maximum in the West Antarctic Rift System
2-11 Lepidi S.*, Cafarella L. & Di Mauro D. : Polar region observations for the study of the magnetospheric dynamics and the contribution of Italian Geomagnetic observatories in Antarctica
2-4 Pelorosso B.*, Bonadiman C., Coltorti M., Faccini B., Giacomoni P.P. & Melchiorre M. : Petrological characterisation of northern Victoria Land lithospheric mantle, new insights from anhydrous and amphibole bearing mantle xenoliths 
2-12 Perotti M.*, Zurli L., Sandroni S., Cornamusini G. & Talarico F. : Provenance analysis of Ross Sea Drift in McMurdo Sound (Antarctica) during the Last Glacial Maximum: a petrographic approach
2-3 Rocchi S.*, Smellie J.L., Johnson J.S., Di Vincenzo G. & Schaefer J.M. : A tuff cone erupted under frozen-bed ice (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): linking glaciovolcanic and cosmogenic nuclide data for ice sheet reconstructions

S3. An entire rock entrapped inside a mineral grain. What we can learn from it?

3-11 Agrosì G.*, Tempesta G., Mele D., Allegretta I., Terzano R.,Shirey S. B., Pearson G.D. & Nestola F. : Non-destructive, multi-method, internal analysis of multiple inclusions in a single diamond: first occurrence of mackinawite (Fe,Ni)1+xS
3-13 Agrosì G., Tempesta G., Mele D., Della Ventura G., Cestelli Guidi M., Mangone A., Caggiani M.C., Allegretta I., Nimis P., Nestola F. & Hutchison M.T. : Non-destructive in situ analysis of multiphase inclusions in a super-deep diamond
3-14 Bonazzi M.*, Tumiati S., Poli S. & Alvaro M. : Synthesis of host-inclusion systems: Preliminary Data
3-5 Campomenosi N.*, Scambelluri M., Mihailova B., Alvaro M., Nestola F., Mazzucchelli M.L., Murri M., Angel R.J. & Prencipe M. : Geometry and size effects on Raman shifts in natural host-inclusion systems: an experimental validation
3-15 Cipriani M.*, Dominici R., Cianflone G., Costanzo A. & Feely M. : The Palaeoenvironment of Selenite-bearing Evaporite Formation in the Catanzaro Trough, Calabria, South Italy
3-16 Cipriani M.*, Dominici R., Cianflone G., Costanzo A. & Feely M. : Halite Recrystallization Studies: potential key to understanding depositional histories of salt domes, an example from the Crotone Basin, Calabria, South Italy
3-17 Correale A.*, Martelli M., Paonita A., Scribano V. & Arienzo I. : A combined study of noble gases, trace elements and Sr-Nd isotopes for alkaline and tholeiitic lava from the Hyblean Plateau (Italy) 
3-7 Ferrando S.*, Frezzotti M.L. & Petrelli M. : Trace element behaviour in deep subduction fluids: an example from the nature
3-18 Ferrero S.*, Cesare B., Godard G., Palmeri R. & Wunder B. : Partial melting of ultramafic granulites from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: melt inclusions and thermodynamic modelling
3-19 Fregola R.A.* & Festa V. : Fluid inclusion analysis of gypsum from Lesina Marina (Apulia, Italy): A preliminary report
3-4 Howell D.*, Weiss Y. & Nestola F. : DiaMap: New applications for processing IR spectra of fluid-rich diamonds
3-3 Jones A.P.*, Alvaro M. & Collins G.S. : A new framework for shock transformation of terrestrial minerals in the lithosphere during bolide impacts
3-8 Malaspina N.*, Langenhorst F., Tumiati S., Campione M., Frezzotti M.L. & Poli S. : Multiphase solid inclusions as record of the redox budget of crust-derived fluid phases at the slab-mantle interface
3-20 Mazzucchelli M.L.*, Burnley P., Angel R.J., Domeneghetti M.C., Nestola F. & Alvaro M. : Elastic geobarometry: the strain and the stress distribution in the host-inclusion system revealed by Finite Element Modeling (FEM)
3-9 Musiyachenko K.A.* & Korsakov A.V. : Metamorphic history of UHPM rocks: What can tell us inclusions under pressure?
3-2 Nestola F.* : Super-deep diamonds, iron and hydrogen: what’s going on in the deep Earth?
3-1 Novella D.* : H2O in mineral inclusions in diamonds: Constrains on the water content of cratonic lithosphere peridotites and diamond-forming melts
3-6 Plümper O.*, King H.E., Geisler T., Liu Y., Pabst S., Savov I.P., Rost D. & Zack T. : Organic inclusions in forearc serpentinites from the Mariana mud volcanoes: Message in a bottle from a deep biosphere?
3-21 Scambelluri M.*, Pettke T. & Cannaò E. : Fluid-related inclusions in Alpine high-pressure peridotite monitor subduction-zone dehydration of serpentinized mantle (Cima di Gagnone, Swiss Alps)
3-10 Tacchetto T.*, Bartoli O., Cesare B., Aradi L., Berkesi M., Szabó A., Dankházi Z., Dumond G. & Szabó C. : Study of polycrystalline inclusions in garnets from granulites of the Athabasca Granulite Terrane (Canada)
3-12 Zaccarini F.* & Garuti G. : Evolution of platinum group minerals (PGM) from high to low temperatures: examples from ophiolitic chromitites

S4. New insights on the mineralogical, petrological and geochemical composition of the lithosphere and implications on its geodynamical evolution

4-2 Berno D.*, Tribuzio R., Zanetti A. & Hemond C. : Early evolution of mantle melts intruding the lowermost continental crust of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone (Southern Alps): insights from the Monte Capio peridotite-pyroxenite lens
4-13 Borghini G.* & Fumagalli P. : Subsolidus phase relations in a secondary-type pyroxenite: an experimental study from 0.7 to 1.5 GPa
4-7 Brombin V.*, Bonadiman C., Coltorti M., Fahnestock M.F., Bryce J.G. & Marzoli A. : Cratonic and CO2-rich metasomatism signatures recorded in Veneto Volcanic Province xenoliths
4-12 Cannaò E.*, Tiepolo M., Borghini G., Fumagalli P. & Langone A. : Looking for potential fluid-mobile elements reservoirs in the lithosphere: preliminary results from experimental studies
4-8 Capizzi L.S.*, Poli S., Fumagalli P. & Tumiati S. : Experimental study of interconnectivity of hydrous-carbonatitic melts and grain boundary wetness in mantle peridotite
4-10 Corvo’ S.*, PadrónNavarta J.A., Zanetti A., Langone A. & Mazzucchelli M. : Hydrogen content in nominally anhydrous minerals from Finero peridotite (Italy)
4-5 Faccini B.*, Coltorti M., Gamberini E., Bonadiman C., Briggs R.M. & Casetta F. : Subduction-related metasomatism as evidenced in ultramafic xenoliths from North Island, New Zealand
4-14 Ferrando S.*, Compagnoni R. & Cossio R. :  Metamorphic evolution of a metaperidotite from the Monviso meta-ophiolite complex, Italian Western Alps
4-1 Formoso F.*, Sessa G., Cannaò E., Moroni M., Langone A. & Tiepolo M. : Petrology and Geochronology of the Loro Intrusive Complex (Ivrea-Verbano Zone)
4-3 Fornasaro S.*, Comodi P., Crispini L., Marescotti P. & Zucchini A. : Trace metal distribution in spinels from ultramafic bedrocks with different degree of serpentinization: insight from the HP-LT Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps).
4-4 Fumagalli P.*, Borghini G., Rampone E. & Poli S. : The Forsterite-Anorthite-CaTschermak-Enstatite (FACE) geobarometer: tracking the exhumation history of mantle rocks
4-15 Fumagalli P., Merlini M.* & Pagliaro F. : The elastic behaviour of the 11.5 Å phase and its petrological implications in subduction environments
4-11 Guidoni F.*, Comodi P., Nazzareni S., BalićŽunić T. & Prakapenka V. : Effect of the composition on the HP behaviour of emplectite-chalcostibite solid solution
4-9 Pelorosso B.*, Radica F., Bellatreccia F., Bonadiman C., Cinque G. & Coltorti M. : Volatile contents in peridotitic minerals from Handler Ridge (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) through micro-FTIR analysis
4-6 Sessa G.*, Tiepolo M., Fiorentini M.L., Moroni M., Deloule E., Ottolini L., Langone A. & Ferrari E. : Amphibole as a proxy for the volatile content in the Archean mantle

S5. Non-ambient conditions experiments for unraveling geological systems through mineral physics

5-1 Ardit M.*, Cruciani G., Dondi M. & Merli M. : Compressional features of orthorhombic perovskites
5-11 Beltrami G.*, Rodeghero E., Martucci A., Cruciani G., Sarti E., Pasti L. & Ardit M. : High temperature characterization of Y-Zeolite loaded with Chlorobenzene
5-12 Bernardini S., Ballirano P., Bellatreccia F.*, Casanova Municchia A., Sodo A. & Della Ventura G. : The manganite → pyrolusite transformation
5-6 Bindi L.* : How quasicrystals form in outer space?
5-10 Cialdella L., Nestola F.*, Bosi F., Andreozzi G.B., Novák M., Dutrow B.L., Secco L. & Boffa Ballaran T. : High-pressure behavior of dravite tourmaline 
5-4 Comboni D.*,Gatta G.D., Lotti P., Merlini M., Liermann H.P. & Frost D.J. : Pargasite at extreme conditions: a comprehensive P-T study
5-8 Comodi P.*, Guidoni F., Nazzareni S., BalićŽunić T., Makovicky E., Zucchini A. & Prakapenka V. : A high pressure phase transition in chalcostibite, CuSbS2
5-5 Della Ventura G.*, Susta U., Mihailova B., Marcelli A., Cestelli Guidi M. & Oberti R. : High-temperature studies on Fe-dominant amphiboles: what do we see with each technique?
5-13 Gatta D.G.*, Comboni D., Lotti P., Merlini M. & Guastoni A. : The behavior at non-ambient conditions of colemanite: a hydrous Ca-borate
5-14 Kong M., Lee Y., Gatta D.G.* & Lee Y. : Crystal-fluid interaction and compressional behavior of chabazite with Li+, Na+, Ag+, K+, Rb+, and Cs+ as extra-framework cations
5-15 Merlini M.*, Cerantola V., Gatta G.D., Gemmi M., Hanfland M., Kupenko I., Lotti P., Müller H. & Zhang L. : The crystal structure of dolomite-IV, a high-pressure polymorph of dolomite, at 115 GPa
5-16 Mesto E.*, Vinci D., Lacalamita M., Schingaro E. & Della Ventura G. : The thermal behavior of armstrongite from Khan Bogdo (Mongolia)
5-7 Murri M.*, Cámara F., Adam J., Domeneghetti M.C. & Alvaro M. : Intracrystalline “geothermometry” assessed on clino- orthopyroxenes bearing synthetic rocks 
5-3 Stagno V.*, Bonechi B., Greaux S., Caruso M. & Scarlato P. : The stability of eclogitic clinopyroxene in the Earth’s mantle: an experimental investigation
5-2 Tribaudino M.*, Mantovani L., Aliatis I., Lambruschi E., Bersani D., Lottici P.P., Gatta G.D. & Redhammer G. : New high pressure Raman spectroscopy data on diopside: a comparison with other C2/c synthetic pyroxenes
5-9 Zaffiro G.*, Angel R.J., Mazzucchelli M.L. & Alvaro M. : Towards a reliable equation of state for zircon

S6. Advances in fundamental understanding of structure, properties and uses of ordered porous materials

6-13 Ballirano P.*, Pacella A., Giordani M. & Mattioli M. : The thermal behaviour of erionite series
6-4 Beltrami G.*, Rodeghero E., Dolabella S., Pasti L., Martucci A. & Cruciani G. : Detection of Brønsted acid sites in Zeolite l: a combined neutron and synchrotron diffraction study
6-3 Belviso C.*, Kharchenko A., Agostinelli E., Cavalcante F., Lettino A., Peddis D., Varvaro G. & Mintova S. : Red mud as aluminium source for zeolite synthesis
6-6 Brundu A., Sale E. & Cerri G.* : Thermal transformations of (NH4,Cs)-clinoptilolite: what happens for compositions in between the end-members?
6-7 Cametti G.*, Fisch M. & Armbruster T. : Thermal behavior of stilbite and stellerite revisited and dehydration of their Na-exchanged forms: considerations on the memory effect of the STI framework type
6-5 Comboni D.*, Gatta G.D., Lotti P., Merlini M. & Hanfland M. : New insights on the hydration of the zeolite laumontite: a natural Nano-sponge
6-2 Consani S.*, BalićŽunić T., Giuli G., Carbone C., Trapananti A., Cardinale A., Salviulo G. & Lucchetti G. : Synthesis and structural characterisation of Woodwardite and its relationships with rare earth elements
6-14 D’Alessio D.*, Tribaudino M., Mezzadri F., Magnani G., Pontiroli D. & Riccò M. : Syntheses of Melanophlogite (type I Clathrate)
6-12 Di Leo P.*, Ancona V., Ditaranto N. & Pizzigallo M.D.R. : Mechanochemistry immobilization of organic and inorganic pollutants into clay minerals: a suitable technology for soil remediation 
6-15 Gjyli S.*, Cavani F., Belviso C., Tabanelli T. & Korpa A. : Synthesis Condition Influence on Fly Ash Zeolites Properties 
6-16 Lepore G.O., Schingaro E., Mesto E., Lacalamita M., IannicelliZubiani E., Cristiani C., Gallo Stampino P., Dotelli G. & Giuli G.* : XAS investigation of La in montmorillonites
6-17 Mameli P., Huertas F.J. & Cerri G.* : Synthesis of zeolitic materials from Sardinian kaolin
6-18 Occhipinti R.*, Tarantino S.C., Riccardi M.P. & Zema M. : Synthesis of vishnevite analogue from alunite-bearing kaolin
6-19 Polisi M.*, Arletti R., Quartieri S., Pastero L., Martra G., Fabbiani M., Morandi S. & Vezzalini G. : Azobenzene/AlPO4-5 hybrid material: Synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction structural characterization 
6-10 Polisi M.*, Bettelli A., Vezzalini G., Quartieri S., Deau J., Patarin J. & Arletti R. : Intrusion-extrusion of water/alcohol molecules in Si-chabazite: Structural interpretation of the energetic performance
6-20 Rodeghero E.*, Beltrami G., Pasti L. & Martucci A. : Toluene and n-Hexane competitive adsorption on high-silica zsm-5 Zeolite
6-8 Rodeghero E.*, Martucci A., Pasti L. & Cruciani G. : Adsorption and desorption of fuel-based compounds from water through synthetic Zeolite ZSM-5
6-9 Salviulo G.*, Molinari S., Baratella D., Carbone C., Magro M., Tateo F. & Vianello F. : Chromium and arsenic removal from contaminated waters: environmental application of maghemite nanoparticles – preliminary results
6-21 Tallarigo N.*, Pasti L., Beltrami G., Rodeghero E. & Martucci A. : Study of adsorption/desorption process of p-HBA into Y Zeolite: a model system for water treatment contaminated by humic acids
6-1 Thibaud J.M., Rouquette J., Hermet P., Cambon O., Gorelli F.A., Scelta D., Dziubek K., Bini R., Garbarino G., Alabarse F.G., Di Renzo F.*, van der Lee A., Haines J. & Santoro M. : Unidirectional zeolites as hosts for the high-pressure synthesis of conducting polymer nanocomposite
6-22 Vezzalini G.*, Arletti R., Giacobbe C. & Quartieri S. : High pressure behaviour of GIS-type zeolite amicite
6-11 Vinci D.*, Ventruti G., Lacalamita M., Mesto E., Leoni M., Schingaro E., Balassone G., Nieto F., Arfè G., Mondillo N. & Boni M. : Multianalytical study of sauconite from the Skorpion (Namibia) nonsulfide supergene orebody 

S7. New minerals, systematic mineralogy, crystal chemistry, new mineralogical localities

7-6 Belmonte D.*, Cabella R., Carbone C. & Biagioni C. : As-V minerals of hydrothermal origin in the Mn-ore deposits of Eastern Liguria (Northern Apennine, Italy): where crystal chemistry meets geochemistry
7-1 Biagioni C. & Pasero M.* : The CNMNC procedures: spreading more and more information in a faster way, without losing accuracy
7-7 Biagioni C., Bonaccorsi E., Musetti S.* & Pasero M. : The collection of type mineral specimens of the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa
7-8 Biagioni C., Lepore G.O., Mauro D.* & Pasero M. : Thallium in iron sulphates: crystal structure of alum-(K) and voltaite from Fornovolasco mine, Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy
7-9 Biagioni C., Mauro D.* & Orlandi P. : Raman spectroscopy of the new Mo minerals from Su Seinargiu, Sardinia, Italy
7-3 Cámara F.*, Biagioni C., Ciriotti M.E., Bosi F., Kolitsch U., Paar W.H., Blass G. & Bittarello E. : Piccoliite, a new mineral of the pilawite group
7-10 Diella V.*, Bocchio R., Marinoni N., Langone A. : Micro-tomography, LA-ICP-MS and electron microprobe investigation of garnet from Val Codera granitic pegmatite (Central Alps, Italy)
7-11 Garavelli A.*, Pinto D., Mitolo D. & Kolitsch U. : Thermessaite-(NH4): another piece of the puzzle of the evolution of sublimate deposition at “La Fossa” crater fumaroles
7-12 Garuti G.* & Zaccarini F. : Platinum group minerals (PGM) in Italy
7-5 Mugnaioli E.*, Lanza A., Gemmi M. & Gregorkiewitz M. : The crystal structure of kaliophilite, KAlSiO4, solved on the basis of electron diffraction tomography data
7-2 Oberti R.* : Defining new minerals in a rapidly changing world (and in a careless community)
7-13 Perchiazzi N.*, Barton I.F. & Vignola P. : Incorporation of Co in dolomite structure: coupled single crystal and EPMA investigations of cobaltoan dolomites from Tenke-Fungurume, D.R. of Congo
7-4 Perchiazzi N.*, Hålenius U. & Demitri N. : A crystal structural study of gabrielsonite from Långban, Sweden.

S8. Naturally occurring asbestos: state of the art and strategies for investigation and management

8-12 Bellomo D., Gargano C., Guercio A., Rimoldi B. & Punturo R.* : Workers’ risks in naturally occurring asbestos contaminated sites 
8-13 Bloise A.*, Punturo R., Ricchiuti C., Mengel K., Apollaro C. & De Rosa R. : Serpentinite-derived soils as carriers of toxic elements: potential for hazardous exposure in Southern Italy
8-8 Capella S.*, Donata B., Fioretti E., Marinelli R. & Belluso E. : Monitoring of asbestos fibres both airborne and respired in Torino (Italy): identification and quantification by SEM-EDS
8-1 Cavallo A.* : Naturally occurring asbestos in serpentinite quarries: the Valmalenco case history
8-10 Cossio R.*, Albonico C., Turci F., Zanella A., Novelli L. & Compagnoni R. : Innovative unattended SEM-EDS analysis for fiber quantification
8-5 Giordani M.*, Mattioli M., Ballirano P., Pacella A., Luchetti F., Nasoni M.G., Valentini L. & Betti M. : Potential toxicity of non-regulated asbestiform zeolites
8-2 Iezzi G.*, Della Ventura G., Yao S., Bellatreccia F., Petibois C., Marcelli A., Nazzari M., Lazzarin F., Di Gioacchino M. & Petrarca C. : Mineralogy and textures of Riebeckitic asbestos (crocidolite): the role of single vs agglomerated fibres in toxicological experiments 
8-9 Militello G.M.*, Yus González A., Sanguineti E. & Gaggero L. : Comparison among Italian normative methods for asbestos quantification in massive lithotypes by SEM-EDS
8-4 Moro D., Ulian G. & Valdrè G.* : Correction factors for the effect of shape and thickness of sem-eds microanalysis of asbestos fibres by Monte Carlo analysis
8-6 Petriglieri J.R.*, LaporteMagoni C., SalvioliMariani E., GunkelGrillon P., Tribaudino M., Bersani D., Lottici P.P., Mantovani L. & Gandolfi N.B. : Fibrous minerals in New Caledonia: a comparison of different analytical strategies for environmental monitoring
8-14 Punturo R.*, Pappalardo G., Bloise A. & Mineo S. : Physical-mechanical and petrophysical properties of serpentinite rocks employed as stone material and environmental implications
8-11 Rinaudo C.*, Croce A., Libener R., Mariani N., Gallizzi G. & Grosso F. : Mineralogy as useful tool for medicine: the study of hazardous materials in biological tissues
8-3 Sala O.* & Cavariani F. : Asbestos tremolite contamination in a feldspar sand quarrying site: considerations
8-7 Sala O.* & Checchi L. : NOA, natural soil contamination: what analyzes, what assessment
8-15 Sanguineti E.*, Militello G.M., Yus González A. & Gaggero L. : Airborne fibers monitoring during railway tunnelling across a serpentinite lens (Voltri Massif, Italy)
8-16 Spadafora A., Bruno M.R.*, Olori A., Angelosanto F., Iannò A., Sinopoli F., Giardino R., Conte M., Oranges T., Iavicoli S. & Campopiano A. : Naturally Occurring Asbestos in Calabria
8-17 Yus González A.*, Sanguineti E., Militello G.M. & Gaggero L. : Airborne monitoring in tunnel excavation, a highly dusty environment with Elongated Minerals Particles (EMP)

S9. Archaeometry and cultural heritage: the contribution of geosciences

9-11 Agostino R.*, Carrà D. & Sica M.M. : The methodological restoring of Rhegion Greek eastern walls by analysing their components: clay and sandstone
9-30 Angeloni R., Campanella L.*, Cecchini A., Grimaldi F., Mazzoleni P., Nunziante S. & Perazzolo V. : Tarquinia's “macco” as a pictorial substrate and processes of degradation in hypogea linked to seasonal cycles
9-31 Antonelli F.*, Akarish A.I.M. & Dessandier D. : Petrography and source origins of the main rock-types used for architectural and sculptural elements of the Alexandria Lighthouse archaeological site (Alexandria, Egypt)
9-29 Barone G., Mazzoleni P., Cecchini A. & Russo A.* : In situ Raman and pXRF spectroscopic study on the mural paintings of Etruscan Tarquinia Tombs
9-3 Benvenuti M.*, Chiarantini L., Cicali C., Rovelli A., Villa I. & Volpi V. : Copper, silver and lead production in the Colline Metallifere district (southern Tuscany) in the High Middle Ages: recent results and open questions within the frame of the ERC “nEU-Med” Project
9-1 Benvenuti M.* : Mineralogy, the hedgehog, and the fox: the contribution of Mineral Sciences to Archaeometallurgy in the light of a new conceptual framework
9-22 Bersani D. *, Culka A., Jehlička J. & Vandenabeele P. : Raman spectroscopy characterization of beryls by means of portable spectrometers: a comparative study.
9-32 Bonomo A.E.*, Prosser G. & Rizzo G. : Rupestrian churches in the Matera Unesco site (Southern Italy): degradation patterns and textural characterization of the Gravina Calcarenite
9-24 Botticelli M.*, Stoiljkovic M., Momcilovic M. & Maras A. : Pulsed 10.6 µm TEA CO2 LIBS as a tool in the characterization of powdered ochres: preliminary assessments
9-18 Branca S., Branciforti M.G., Chiavetta A.F. & Corsaro R.A.* : The geology of the 2nd century A.D. amphitheater area of Catania, Italy: historical eruptions affecting the urban district
9-25 Campanella B., Grifoni E., Legnaioli S., Lorenzetti G., Poggialini F., Pagnotta S. & Palleschi V.* : Portable Instruments for in-situ analysis of archaeological findings. Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy vs. X-Ray Fluorescence.
9-17 Columbu S.*, Antonelli F. & Sitzia F. : Archaeometric study of the Roman marbles reused in the Late Antiquity St. Saturnino Basilica (Cagliari, Italy) 
9-16 Columbu S.*, Pagnotta S., Raneri S., Legnaioli S., Palleschi V., Lezzerini M. & Giamello M. : Geochemical and mineralogical alteration on the stone and mortar surfaces of medieval churches (Sardinia, Italy): weathering processes, ancient conservation treatments and their microstratigraphy
9-23 Conte S.*, Arletti R. & Pacciarelli M. : Protohistoric glass from Southern Italy: from Early Bronze Age to Advanced Iron Age (18th-6th century BC).
9-33 Cossio R. & Vaggelli G.* : Improvements of  microanalytical methodologies for minero-petrologic investigation in Archeometry
9-34 Cossio R., Borghi A.*, Davit P., Lamagna G., Leone R., Operti L., Pratolongo V. & Turco F. :  SEM-EDS X-ray compositional maps for minero-chemical characterization of ancient pottery: a  first application on  Adrano pottery (NE Sicily, Italy)   
9-20 Delluniversità E., Eramo G.*, Muntoni I.M., Allegretta I., Monno A. & Sivilli S. : Chert circulation in Central Northern Apulia during Neolithic
9-35 Di Bella M., Italiano F., Leonetti F.*, Martinelli M.C., Mazzoleni P., Quartieri S., Sabatino G., Tigano G. & Tripodo A. : Archeometric characterization of prehistoric grinding tools from Milazzo Bronze Age Settlement (Sicily, Italy)
9-36 Di Benedetto C., Graziano S.F., Guarino V., Rispoli C., Munzi P., Cappelletti P. & Morra V. : The archaeological site of "Porta Mediana" necropolis, Cuma, Italy. Geomaterials from a case-study mausoleum
9-4 Di Fazio M.*, Felici A.C., Catalli F. & De Vito C. : A Multi-analytical approach for the characterization of ancient Roman coins in orichalcum
9-21 Diana E.*, Giustetto R. & Guglielminotti M. : Chinese Jades from the collections of the Museum of Oriental Art of Turin: from the material characterization to the historical attribution
9-37 Fabrizi L.*, Medeghini L., Mignardi S., Nigro L. & De Vito C. : Phoenician Red Slip Ware from Sulcis (Italy): a preliminary report
9-6 Ferlito F.*, Frasca M., Mazzoleni P. & Spigo U. : Preliminary mineralogical, petrographic and chemical investigations on archaic clay statuettes from the first phase of the greek sanctuary of Francavilla di Sicilia
9-38 Fioretti G., Garavelli A.*, Pinto D. & Germinario G. : An archaeometric study of wall paintings in St. Angelo in Criptis cave (Santeramo in Colle, Southern Italy, BA): a tool for restoration and enhancement of the site
9-26 Gambino F., Borghi A.*, d’Atri A., Gallo L.M., Ghiraldi L., Giardino M., Martire L., Palomba M., Perotti L., Vaggelli G. & Valentino D. : TourinStone: a free mobile application for promoting geological heritage of Torino (NW Italy)
9-39 Germinario L., Zara A., Maritan L., Bonetto J., Hanchar J.M., Sassi R., Siegesmund S. & Mazzoli C.* : Tracking trachyte on the Roman routes: provenance study of Roman infrastructure and insights into ancient trades in northern Italy
9-19 Giustetto R.* & Compagnoni R. : Comparative mineral-petrographic study between Neolithic greenstone toolsand analogous pebbles from the alluvial deposits of the Lemme valley (Northeastern Piemonte region, Italy): archaeometric implications
9-40 Izzo F.*, Germinario C., Grifa C., Mercurio M., Tomay L. & Langella A. : Archaeometric characterisation of ancient mortars from the Roman Theatre of Benevento (Italy)
9-41 Lazzeri A., Coltelli M.B., Lezzerini M.*, Raneri S., Castelvetro V., Bianchi S., Toniolo L., Gherardi F., Poli T., Festa L., Vicini I., Ghaffari E., Weber J., Ban M., Rohatsch A., Fischer R. & Drewello R. : European Project NANO-CATHEDRAL: efficacy assessment of nanomaterials for conservation of natural stones
9-12 Lezzerini M. & Raneri S.* : Effectiveness, compatibility and durability of consolidants for marble: a review of the last ten year of researches
9-42 Lezzerini M., Raneri S.*, Cantini F., Belcari R. & Mazzoleni P. : Building materials and cultural models in late Roman Tuscany: archeometric studies on stones, mortars and vitreous tesserae from “Villa dell’Oratorio”(Capraia e Limite, Florence)
9-10 Malfitana D., Barca D., Cacciaguerra G.*, Mazzaglia A., Miriello D., Longhitano L. & Sannuti L. : Between Archaeology and Archaeometry. Some case studies on Roman Pottery and Architecture in ancient Catania and Syracuse
9-43 Mastelloni M.A.*, Cucinotta F., Di Bella M., Epasto G., Guglielmino E., Italiano F. & Sabatino G. : Preliminary study of a “bronze foot” from the Lipari museum (Sicily, Italy)
9-7 Mastelloni M.A.* : Archeology and experimental research
9-5 Medeghini L.*, Fayek M., De Vito C. & Mignardi S. : Isotopic composition of lead for raw material tracing: the case of Roman lead-glazed ceramic
9-44 Mercurio M., Grifa C., Germinario C., Izzo F., Grimaldi C., Langella A., Alberghina M.F. & Schiavone S. : Authenticatication of metallic finds at the archaeological museum of Paestum by means of non-destructive and non-invasive techniques
9-8 Messina M., Arcifa L., Mazzoleni P.*  & Finocchiaro C. : Islamic pottery production in Sicily (X-XI centuries): technological aspects of local and imported products from Paternò (CT) on the basis of minero-petrographic and chemical characterization.
9-9 Miriello D.*, Brocato P., Pecci A., De Luca R., Mollo B.S., Lezzerini M., Ceci M. & Bloise A. : Archaeometric approach to study pottery from the archaeological site of S. Omobono (Rome - Italy)
9-45 Montana G., Randazzo L.*, Vassallo S. & Udine F. : The mosaic of the Frigidarium of “Villa Bonanno” in Palermo: mineralogical and petrographic analyses for in situ conservation and restoration interventions
9-46 Passalacqua F.* : Lava stone and the Church of Santa Maria in Randazzo (Sicily)
9-47 Pecchioni E.*, Fratini F. & Cantisani E. : Lumps as a key to identify the stone used for lime in historical mortars
9-48 Piovesan R., Maritan L., Meneghin G., Baklouti S., Sassi R. & Mazzoli C.* : Stones of the “Terme del Sarno" façade (Pompeii, Italy)
9-13 Possenti E.*, Colombo C., Conti C., Gatta G.D., Merlini M. & Realini M. : Pre-consolidation of decayed Angera columns with ammonium phosphate. A pilot study in a Milanese courtyard of XVI century
9-14 Randazzo L.*, Montana G. & Castiglia A. : A comparative study of different formulations of poultices for soluble salts removal from experimental plasters
9-49 Raneri S., Lezzerini M.*, Legnaioli S., Mazzoleni P., Neri N.F., Pagnotta S., Palleschi V. & Columbu S. : Determination of reactivity of volcanic aggregates in ancient mortars by using LIBS
9-50 Rispoli C.*, Guarino V., De Bonis A., Di Benedetto C., Esposito R., Graziano S.F., Morra V. & Cappelletti P. : Villa del Capo and Villa del Pezzolo: Roman mortars from Sorrento Peninsula 
9-2 Rocchi I.*, Rocchi S. & Gemelli M. : Chemical characterisation of ancient, medieval and modern metallurgical slags in southern Tuscany and Elba Island
9-51 Sabatino G.*, Arletti R., Italiano F., Marcianò G., Mastelloni M.A., Quartieri S. & Di Bella M. : Verifying the presence of lead stannate in opaque mosaic glass tesserae (2nd cent. BC - 4th cent. AD) from Southern Italy
9-52 Sabatino G., Aleo Nero C., Chiovaro M., Italiano F., Leonetti F., Marcianò G.*, Quartieri S. & Di Bella M. : Traces of metallurgy in the Panormos Phoenician Colony (Palermo, Italy): archaeometric characterization of iron-slags
9-53 Sanfilippo G.* & Aquilia E. : Multidisciplinary diagnostic processes aimed to treatment of stone’s lacune. Analysis and restoration of the balustrade of Villa Cerami in Catania
9-54 Scarpelli R., Cottica D., Sanavia A. & De Francesco A.M.* : Archaeometric study of a local production of “Gnathia style” ware at Pompeii
9-15 Scrivano S.* & Gaggero L. : Grainsize and pore network as intrinsic factor for weathering: the Vicenza Stone case study.
9-55 Spagnolo G.*, Mazzoleni P. & Finocchiaro C. : Raw materials analysis for the identification of a production site of greek transport amphorae: the case of Corfu
9-27 Spoto G.*, Grasso G., Valenti C. & D'Agata R. : Non-invasive identification of organic and biomolecular components of works-of-art by spatially resolved mass spectrometry and innovative biosensors
9-56 Tesser E., Lazzarini L. & Antonelli F.* : Laboratory characterization of deteriorated siloxane and epoxy resins applied for the consolidation of Venetian monumental stone surfaces in the XX century 
9-57 Vaggelli G.*, Borghi A., Pratesi G., Lo Giudice A., Re A. & Angelici D. : On the route of lapis lazuli trade in ancient time: a multi-technique provenance study of the raw material used for carved artefacts
9-28 Vandenabeele P.*, Barrocas M., Rousaki A., Van Pevenage J. & Moens L. : From the lab ot the art site: Application of Raman spectroscopy for the non-destructive analysis of pigments.

S10. Sustainability and circular economy in the production of concrete and cementitious binders

10-1 Bellotto M.*, Contessi S., Garbin E., Dalconi M.C. & Artioli G. : Chemical activation and rheological control of alkali-activated slag binders: Are we ready to give up cement-driven chemistry?
10-3 Boscaro F., Palacios M., Marchon D. & Flatt R.J.* : Development of compatible admixtures for low clinker cementitious materials
10-4 Clausi M., Occhipinti R.*, Tarantino S.C., Riccardi M.P. & Zema M. : Alkali activated materials from recycled sewage sludge of Pietra Serena sandstone
10-7 Contessi S., Valentini L. & Dalconi M.C.* : Smectite-rich sediments as precursor for alkali activated binders: an alternative to kaolin?
10-2 Coppola L. & Coffetti D.* : One-part alkali activated slags for environmentally friendly cement-free repair mortars for conservation, restoration and retrofitting of existing concrete structures
10-6 Romagnoli M.*, Lassinantti Gualtieri M., Cannio M. & Sassatelli P. : Geopolymer versus Kaolin rheology
10-5 Vitale E.*, Coudert E., Paris M., Deneele D. & Russo G. : Use of alkali-activated binders for soil stabilisation
10-8 Zucchini A.*, Comodi P., Di Michele A., Lanzafame G., Mancini L., Santinelli F. & Neri A. : Nano-added clinkers: industrial applicability

S11. Geomaterials and their likes: from Nature to technology and manufacturing

11-12 Barone G., Bergamonti L.*, Bersani D., Bondioli F., Fornasini L., Isca C., Lezzerini M., Lottici P.P., Mazzoleni P., Monaco I., Predieri G. & Raneri S. : Characterization and self-cleaning properties of N-doped TiO2 coatings on Perlatino limestone
11-2 Conte S.*, Dondi M., Ardit M., Cruciani G. & Zanelli C. : High temperature viscosity of porcelain stoneware bodies
11-7 D'Elia A.*, FernándezJiménez A., Palomo A., Eramo G., Pinto D. & Laviano R. : Effect of the activator concentration on the reaction products and properties of alkali activated Ca-rich clays
11-13 D'Elia A.*, Pinto D., Eramo G., Mangone A., Ventruti G. & Laviano R. : Effects of mechanical and thermal activation on reactivity of carbonate-rich clays
11-11 Giaccherini A., De Luca A., Innocenti M., Lepore G.O., Montegrossi G., Romanelli M. & Di Benedetto F.* : Incorporation of Zn into complex quaternary sulfide structure through a solvothermal approach: a difficult task
11-14 Graziano S.F.*, Soldati R., Zanelli C., Dondi M., Cappelletti P. & Langella A. : Lightweight aggregates from glass recycling: high efficiency concretes manufacturing 
11-8 Guidobaldi G.*, Cambi C., Cecconi M., Comodi P., Deneele D., Russo G. & Zucchini A. : Mechanical improvement and micro evolution of a zeolite-rich lime treated pyroclastic soil
11-9 Izzo F.*, Mercurio M., Aprea P., Cappelletti P., de Gennaro B., Germinario C., Grifa C., Pasquino R. & Langella A. : Technological performance of surface modified natural Zeolite (SMNZ) for in vitro loading/release of ibuprofen sodium salt: new insights on chabazite-rich tuff
11-10 Lotti P.*, Gatta G.D., Comboni D., Merlini M. & Liermann H.P. : From Nature to materials science: (Cs,K)Al4Be5B11O28 (londonite) as a super-hard material
11-15 Marinoni N.*, Bernasconi A., Diella V., Pavese A., Francescon F., Mancini L., Lanzarotti R. & Umili G. : Influence of the raw materials on the mineralogy and microstructure of fired sanitary-ware vitreous body by Synchrotron X-Ray Computed Microtomography
11-16 Massa G. & Pieruccioni D.* : The commercial varieties of marbles cropping out in Massa inland (Apuan Alps)
11-1 Mercurio M., Di Maggio R.M.*, Grifa C., Izzo F., Nuccetelli L. & Langella A. : Forensic mineralogy: the case study of the enfsi apst collaborative exercise soil 2017
11-17 Novembre D.*, Gimeno D. & Poe B.T. : Synthesis and characterization of KAlSIO4-O1 using a diatomite precursor
11-18 Paris E., Radica F.*, Stabile P., Maddala P., Ansaloni F., Giuli G. & Carroll M.R. : Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) for eco-innovative building product
11-5 Possenti E.*, Colombo C., Conti C., Gatta G.D., Merlini M., Realini M. & Sali D. : Application of ammonium phosphate to marble. Investigation of newly-formed calcium phosphates with synchrotron light and high lateral resolution FTIR microspectroscopy.
11-6 Rispoli C.*, Jackson M.D., Graziano S.F., Di Benedetto C., Guarino V., Morra V. & Cappelletti P. : A bridge between past and future concrete: Al-tobermorite in ancient Roman mortars
11-19 Ruffolo S.A.*, Macchia A., Baffa M., Rovella N., Malagodi M., Licchelli M. & La Russa M.F. : New insights on the consolidation of mud bricks 
11-3 Soldati R.*, Zanelli C., Guarini G., Rambaldi E., Bignozzi M.C. & Dondi M. : Exploring Waste-based Body Formulations for ceramic tiles and clay bricks
11-20 Soldati R., Zanelli C., Conte S., Ismail A., Cazzaniga A. & Dondi M. : Syenites from ring complexes in the eastern desert (Egypt) as fluxes for porcelain stoneware tiles
11-21 Ulian G.* & Valdrè G. : Mechanical properties of hexagonal hydroxylapatite (P63)
11-4 Vola G.*, Sarandrea L., Della Porta G. & Cruciani G. : Characterization of a Cambrian-Ordovician limestone (Kazakhstan) for the industrial production of quicklime and hydrated lime products

S12. Mineral and biosphere interfaces: focus on environmental processes and technologies

12-10 Bavestrello G., Bo M., Betti F., Canessa M., Gaggero L.*, Rindi F. & CattaneoVietti R. : Differences in composition of shallow water benthic communities associated with two ophiolitic rock substrata
12-5 Biddau R.* & Cidu R. : Concentrations of metals and metalloids in wild asparagus: comparison between uncontaminated environments and sites contaminated by past mining in Sardinia (Italy)
12-13 Carbone C.*, Columbu A., Sauro F., Ghezzi D., Cappelletti M., Zannoni D. & De Waele J. : Microorganism-silica mineral interaction in a pristine quartz-sandstone cave environment (Venezuela): first observations
12-4 Chiarantini L., Rimondi V.*, Bardelli F., Benvenuti M., Cosio C., Costagliola P., Di Benedetto F., Lattanzi P. & Sarret G. : Mercury speciation in Pinus nigra barks from Monte Amiata (Italy): An X-ray absorption spectroscopy study
12-9 Funari V.*, Gomes H.I., Cappelletti M., Fedi S., Braga R., Dinelli E., Mayes W.M. & Rogerson M. : Metal recovery from MSWI fly ash and bottom ash by bioleaching and ion-exchange resin
12-14 Funari V.*, Mantovani L., Vigliotti L., Tribaudino M., Braga R. & Dinelli E. : Bottom and fly ashes from municipal solid waste incinerators: more hazardous than has been revealed?
12-3 Garuti G.* & Zaccarini F. : Sulfur isotope signature in the Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS) deposits of the Italian Northern Apennine
12-7 Gomes H.I.*, Rogerson M. & Mayes W.M. : Management of highly alkaline steel slag leachate: impact of biofilm and hydraulic configuration on neutralisation 
12-2 Mameli P.*, Mongelli G., Oggiano G., Sinisi R. & Soggiu R. : Manganese concretions and coatings on pebbles in a Messinian alluvial conglomerate: the role of bacterial catalysts
12-8 Mantovani L.*, Tribaudino M., Funari V. & Chizzini N. : Mineralogical investigation on bottom and fly ashes from Parma incineration plant
12-15 Mantovani L.*, Tribaudino M., Solzi M., Barraco V. & De Matteis C. : Magnetic measurement on minerals of PM10 filters and leaves: a new tool in airborne monitoring?
12-11 Marescotti P., Cecchi G., Di Piazza S., Ballirano P., Lucchetti G., Mariotti M., Persiani A.M. & Zotti M. : Interactions between microfungi and pyrite mineralizations
12-1 Medas D.*, Podda F., Meneghini C. & De Giudici G. : Supergene non-sulfide Zn deposits: could hemimorphite have a biological origin?
12-6 Meneghini C.*, Carlomagno I., De Giudici G., Medas D., Buosi C., Cherchi A. & Kuncserf A.C. : Nanoscale distribution of Zn in foraminifera shell : a multi-scale/multi-technique investigation
12-12 Pusceddu C.*, De Giudici G., Medas D., Meneghini C., Gianoncelli A., Rimondi V., Podda F., Cidu R., Lattanzi P., Wanty R. & Kimball B. : Natural biogeochemical barriers in a stream affected by mine drainage
12-16 Rimondi V.*, Benvenuti M., Chiarantini L., Del Soldato D., Lattanzi P., Paolieri M., Sacco A. & Costagliola P. : Arsenic in travertine soils near Viterbo, central Italy: mobility, bioaccessibility, health risks

S13. Elements at the edge of life: minerals and mineralization processes in present and past organisms

13-6 Bosio G., Malinverno E., Gioncada A., Gariboldi K., Basso D., DeVries T.J., Andò S., Petrini R., Collareta A., Coletti G., Di Celma C., Urbina M. & Bianucci G. : A complex diagenetic history for the Miocene invertebrates of the East Pisco Basin (Peru)
13-2 Coletti G.* & Basso D. : Authigenic Phosphorus minerals as a proxy for paleo-nutrient levels in Miocene carbonate factories
13-5 Collareta A.*, Gioncada A., Gariboldi K., Marx F.G., Lambert O., Di Celma C., Bonaccorsi E., Post K., Urbina M. & Bianucci G. : Fossil baleen under the microscope: seeking the key for fine-scale preservation of soft tissues
13-3 Di Cencio A.* : Secondary mineralization during diagenesis in ammonites: a helpful tool for stratigraphic survey
13-7 Gariboldi K.*, Bosio G., Collareta A. & Bianucci G. : Amazing diatom preservation within dolomitised sediments of the late Neogene Pisco Formation, Peru
13-8 Sabbatini A., Negri A. & Morigi C.* : The first appearance of monothalamous foraminifera and the molecular clock, state of the art
13-1 Sabbatini A., Negri A., Bartolini A., Morigi C.*, Boudouma O., Dinelli E., Florindo F., Galeazzi R., Holzmann M., Lurcock P.C., Massaccesi L., Pawlowski J.W. & Rocchi S. : Selective zircon accumulation in a new benthic foraminifer, Psammophaga zirconia, sp. nov.
13-4 Terranova E.*, Iurino D.A. & Sardella R. : The fossil vulture (Gyps fulvus Hablizi, 1783) from the Late Pleistocene volcanic deposits of Alban Hills (Latium, central Italy)

S14. Modern and fossil oceanic lithosphere revisited: from field to laboratory

14-9 Balestro G.*, Festa A., Borghi A., Castelli D., Gattiglio M. & Tartarotti P. : Role of the intra-oceanic tectono-sedimentary architecture in the Alpine tectonic evolution of the Monviso meta-ophiolite Complex (Western Alps)
14-1 Basch V.*, Rampone E., Crispini L., Ildefonse B. & Godard M. : Multi-stage melt-rock interactions in the Monte Maggiore peridotitic body: Textural, Structural, and Chemical evolution from Peridotite to Hybrid troctolite.
14-18 Berno D.*, Sanfilippo A., Tribuzio R. & Zanetti A. : Reactive melt migration controls the trace element budget of the lower oceanic crust: counterintuitive trace element compositions of minerals from the deepest portion of the Pineto gabbroic sequence (Corsica, France)
14-2 Borghini G.*, Fumagalli P. & Rampone E. : Interaction between mantle peridotite and pyroxenite-derived melts: experimental investigations at 2 GPa
14-3 Caparelli S.*, Scicchitano M.R. & Piluso E. : The significance of the ultramafic rocks from the Sila unit, Northern Calabria
14-7 Ceuleneer G.* : When recent discoveries from oceanic scientific drilling help to interpret the message of ophiolites, and conversely
14-19 Cirillo G.*, Arienzo I., Mazzeo F.C., Paonita A., Rizzo A., Petrosino P., Pelullo C., Iovine R.S. & D’Antonio M. : Sr-He-O isotopes in mafic phenocrysts from products of the Neapolitan Volcanoes (Southern Italy): constraints on the geochemical features of the mantle sources
14-4 Francomme J.*, Fumagalli P., Borghini G. & Ildefonse B. : Experimental constraints on the origin of olivine-rich troctolites by melt-rock reactions
14-14 Frassi C.*, Musumeci G., Zucali M., Mazzarini F., Rebay G. & Langone A. : The Cotoncello Shear Zone (Elba Island, Italy): the deep root of a fossil oceanic detachment fault in the Ligurian ophiolites
14-13 Hässig M.* : The obduction process: What extent? What timing? What cause(s)? The study of the northern branch of Neotethys in Anatolia and the Lesser Caucasus (Turkey and Armenia)
14-20 Marroni M.*, Pandolfi L., Saccani E., Delavari M. & Dolati A. : The oceanic units of the Sorkhband area (north Makran, Iran): evidence of an association of MORB and SSZ ophiolites at the top of the Coloured Mélange Complex
14-21 Meneghini F.*, Fagereng Å. & Kisters A. : The Matchless Amphibolite of the Damara Belt, Namibia: peculiar preservation of a Late Neoproterozoinc ophiolitic suture
14-5 Montanini A.*, Tribuzio R., Van Acken D. & Luguet A. : Multiple events of melt-rock interaction recorded by undeformed spinel pyroxenites from the External Ligurian ophiolites
14-22 Pandolfi L.*, Frassi C., Göncüoğlu M.C., Marroni M., Ruffini L., Ellero A., Ottria G. & Sayit K. : The Intra-Pontide suture zone in the Tosya-Kastamonu area, Northern Turkey: geological map at 1:50,000 scale
14-12 Rajkakati M.*, Bhowmik S.K., Ao A. & Clarke G. L. : Transition from oceanic subduction to continent collision tectonics in the Neo-Tethys: Constraints from the Tuting ophiolite, Arunachal Himalaya, India
14-6 Rampone E.*, Borghini G., Hidas K., Tommasi A., Zanetti A. & Godard M. : Timing and interplay between melt infiltration and deformation in the External Liguride mantle (Italy)
14-23 Rebay G., Zanoni D., Langone A., Luoni P.*, Tiepolo M. & Spalla M.I. : Dating of ultramafic rocks from the Western Alps ophiolites discloses Late Cretaceous subduction ages in the Zermatt-Saas Zone
14-11 Renna M.R.*, Tribuzio R. & Sanfilippo A. : Incompatible elements and Nd isotope signature of morb generated beneath the jurassic Liguria-Piedmont basin: inferences on mantle sources and melting processes
14-24 Rotondo F.*, Guerini S., Scambelluri M., Cannaò E., Tartarotti P. & Bebout G.E. : Oceanic and subduction ophicarbonates in the Champorcher Zermatt-Saas ophiolite (Aosta Valley, Northwestern Alps)
14-25 Rumbolo T.*, Montanini A., Tribuzio R. & Bosch D. : Melt-rock reactions in the mantle peridotites from Tuscany ophiolites
14-17 Saccani E.*, Dilek Y. & Photiades A. : Time-Progressive Mantle – Melt Evolution and Magma Production in the Eastern Mediterranean Tethys: A Case Study of the Albanide-Hellenide Ophiolites
14-26 Saccani E.*, Pirnia T. & Torabi G. : Geochemistry and tectono-magmatic significance of volcanic and subvolcanic rocks from Nain and Ashin ophiolites (Central Iran)
14-8 Sanfilippo A.*, Dick H.J.B., MacLeod C.J., Tribuzio R. & Expedition Scientific Party : Igneous stratigraphy and lateral heterogeneity of a long in-situ transect of the lower oceanic crust formed at the Atlantis Bank core complex (SW Indian Ridge): new results from IODP Expedition 360
14-27 Secchiari A.*, Becker H., Gleißner P., Li C., Montanini A. & Bosch D. : Evidence from the New Caledonia peridotites for contrasting behavior of highly siderophile and chalcophile elements in supra-subduction zone and normal upper mantle
14-16 Secchiari A.*, Montanini A., Bosch D., Macera P. & Cluzel D. : The contrasting geochemical message from the New Caledonia gabbronorites: insights on depletion and contamination processes of the sub-arc mantle in a nascent arc setting
14-15 Shimabukuro D., Caparelli S. & Piluso E.* : A hypothetical reconstruction of the hyperextended margin of the Tethys branch preserved in northern Calabria and Lucania, Southern Italy
14-28 Tribuzio R.*, Antonicelli M. & Sanfilippo A. : Amphibole and felsic veins from the gabbroic oceanic core complex of Atlantis Bank (Southwest Indian Ridge, IODP Hole U1473A): when the fluids meet the melts
14-10 Tribuzio R., Manatschal G., Ottolini L., Pezzali I., Renna M.R.*, Sauter D. & Zanetti A. : Magmatic-tectonic interplay during the early exhumation of the lower oceanic crust: the example of the Chenaillet ophiolite (Western Alps)
14-29 Venier M., Princivalle F.*, Lughi V., Petrelli M., Logvinova A.M., Sobolev N., Turco G., Porrelli D. & Lenaz D. : Kimberlitic chromites: a trace element and inclusion study


S15. A promenade along the subduction plate interface from the sea to the mantle and back: a multidisciplinary point of view

15-6 Barbero E.* & Festa A. : Chaotic rock units as marker of the tectonic evolution of the Ligurian accretionary wedge: examples from the Curone and Staffora valleys (Northern Apennines)
15-5 Cannaò E.*, Scambelluri M. & Agostini S. : Into deep and beyond: elements recycling through serpentinites and metaperidotites evolved at the plate-interface
15-2 Cerchiari A.*, Mittempergher S., Remitti F. & Festa A. : Ancient microstructures as a tool to decipher fault mechanisms of shallow megathrusts: an example from the Sestola Vidiciatico tectonic Unit
15-7 Frassi C.*, Marroni M., Pandolfi L., Göncüoğlu M.C., Ellero A., Ottria G., Kaan Sayit K., McDonald C.S., Balestrieri M.L. & Malasoma A. : Burial and exhumation history of the Daday Unit (Central Pontides, Turkey) 
15-8 Malusà M.G., Federico L., Crispini L., Piazza M., Bassetti S., Frattolillo N., Milani M., Zampicinini M. & Capponi G.* : Syntectonic sedimentation atop the Eclogite Belt of the Western Alps (Tertiary Piedmont Basin - Ligurian Alps): a geological map
15-3 Pandolfi L.*, Delavari M., Dolati A., Marroni M., Saccani E., Chiari C. & Barbero E. : New insights into the geodynamics of Neo-Tethys in the Makran area: evidence from age and petrology of ophiolites from the Coloured Mélange Complex (SE Iran)
15-9 Remitti F.*, Mittempergher S., Cerchiari A. & Festa A. : Microstructures in clay-rich exhumed faults
15-4 Scarsi M.*, Malatesta C., Fornasaro S., Crispini L. & Capponi G. : Geodynamic evolution of a subduction plate interface: constraints from the study of lawsonite-bearing eclogite in the mélange of the Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy).
15-1 Zucali M.*, Spalla M.I., Zanoni D., Roda M., De Salvo F., Corti L. & Rebay G. : Continental crust subduction-related structures: contrasting evolutions vs. contrasting memories

S16. Deformation and fluid flow in the crust from migmatites to epithermal systems

16-6 Fancello D.*, Cruciani G., Franceschelli M. & Scodina M. : Occurrence of foliated leucocratic bodies within Migmatite Complex of NE Sardinia: preliminary data
16-7 Fancello D.*, Cruciani G., Franceschelli M. & Scodina M. : Geochemical constraints on petrogenesis of Ca-rich leucosomes from Porto Ottiolu migmatites (NE Sardinia)
16-5 Mazzarini F.*, Musumeci G. & Garofalo P.S. : Lithological control on fluid circulation, volume expansion and ore mineralization: the case of Topinetti, Island of Elba (Italy)
16-1 Piana Agostinetti N.* : Fluids within a rock matrix: evidences from passive seismics
16-4 Pozzobon R.*, Mazzarini F., Massironi M., Cremonese G., Rossi A.P., Pondrelli M. & Marinangeli L. : Automated mapping and fractal clustering of putative mud volcanoes within Arabia Terra craters (Mars): insights on fluid source depth
16-3 Scarsi M.*, Crispini L., Garofalo P.S., GrahamGundlach A., Schwarz G., Günther D. & Capponi G. : Cyclic fault-controlled mass transfer during gold mineralisation in carbonated ultramafites (Bisciarelle stream, Voltri Massif, Ligurian Alps).
16-2 Todesco M.*, Currenti G., Improta L. & Piccinini D. : Multi-phase flow and rock deformation: poro-elasticity from the fluid perspective
16-8 Toffolo L.*, Martin S., Moroni M., Montorfano C., Secco L., Agnini C., Nimis P. & Tumiati S. : Evidence of regional-scale hydrothermalism and polymetallic mineral deposition across northern Italy: the Early Permian to Early Triassic siderite-rich deposits in the Southern Alps

S17. Geodynamic systems from western Mediterranean to Himalaya: a natural laboratory for a multidisciplinary approach

17-17 Agostini S.*, Savasçin M.Y., Di Giuseppe P., Di Stefano F., Karaoglu Ö., Lustrino M., Manetti P., Ersoy Y., Kürüm S. & Öztufekçi Önal A. : Miocene-Pleistocene magmatism mirroring the compression to strike-slip tectonic shift at the Eurasia-Arabia-Anatolia triple junction
17-8 Amadori C.* : The source-to-sink sediment system in the Po Plain-Northern Adriatic Foreland basin: 3D tectono-sedimentary evolution and sediment flux during Plio-Pleistocene time
17-2 Benvenuti M., Moratti G., Santo A.P., Laurenzi M.A., Braschi E. & Tommasini S.* : Plume head dragged with continental lithosphere: insights from the Mesozoic magmatism of the Central High Atlas, Morocco
17-5 Berio L., Zanchi A.* & Zanchetta S. : The architecture of the Lower Permian Orobic Basin (central Southern Alps, N Italy) and its bearings on the post-Variscan extensional tectonics
17-9 Casalini M., Conticelli S., Avanzinelli R. & Tommasini S.* : Unravelling the radiogenic isotope signature of the mantle source from evolved magmas: the case study of Ischia Volcano
17-14 Cattò S.*, Cavazza W., Okay A.I., Zattin M. & Reiners P. : No significant Oligocene cooling/exhumation in the Bitlis-Pütürge collision zone (southeastern Turkey)
17-15 Di Giuseppe P.*, Agostini S., Manetti M., Savasçin M.Y. & Conticelli S. : Contemporaneous subduction-related and intraplate Quaternary magmatism in Cappadocia (Central Anatolia)
17-18 Di Rosa M., Meneghini F., Marroni M.*, Hobbs N. & Vidal O. : The Cima Pedani tectonic window (Alpine Corsica): insights in tectono-metamorphic evolution during the exhumation of continental crust
17-19 Ellero A.* & Loprieno A. : The stacking of Piemonte-Ligurian units in the Urtier valley (Cogne, Western Alps): a new structural setting for the Penninic domain south of the Aosta Valley
17-16 Ellero A.*, Ottria G., Catanzariti R., Da Prato S., Frassi C., Göncüoğlu M.C., Marroni M., Pandolfi L. & Sayit K. : The North Anatolian Shear Zone (Turkey): geometric, kinematic and age characterization of a crustal scale strike-slip fault
17-20 Ellero A., Ottria G.*, Ouanaimi H. & Malusà M.G. : Transpressional deformations within the High Atlas belt, Morocco: new insights on the Cenozoic geodynamics of northwestern Africa
17-21 Ellero A., Ottria G., Sayit K., Catanzariti R., Frassi C., Göncüoğlu M.C., Marroni M. & Pandolfi L. : Evidences for a Late Cretaceous continental arc in the Central Pontides: new insights on alternative geodynamic reconstructions for the Neotethys in Northern Turkey
17-10 Fontana D.*, Amoroso S., Marchetti Dori S., Minarelli L. & Stefani M. : The petrography of sands ejected during the blast-induced liquefaction test (Mirabello, Ferrara, Italy) as a tool to identify the provenance of the source level
17-6 Giovanardi T.*, Cipriani A., Lugli F., Morishita T., Dallai L., Zanetti A., Langone A. & Mazzucchelli M. : Sapphirine-bearing gabbroic dykes from the finero mantle massif: evidence of melt-rock interaction at mantle conditions
17-22 Malusà M.G.*, Wang J., Garzanti E., Villa I.M. & Wittmann H. : Impact of mineral fertility and bedrock erosion on single-mineral detrital studies: insights from detrital apatite of the Po River catchment
17-1 Marzoli A.*, Bertand H., Youbi N., Callegaro S., Reisberg L., Chiaradia M. & Merle R. : The Central Atlantic magmatic province (CAMP) in Morocco
17-7 Meneghini F.*, Marroni M. & Pandolfi L. : A revised subduction inception model to explain the Late Cretaceous, doubly vergent orogen in the pre-collisional western tethys: evidences from the Northern Apennine
17-23 Milazzo F.*, Storti F. & Cavozzi C. : Lateral variations of the mechanical stratigraphy and basal décollement rheology and the growth of thrust wedges: insights from analogue modelling.
17-24 Papeschi S.* : Structure of the Elba island: constraints for the tectonic evolution of the northern Tyrrhenian sea
17-11 Rocchi S.*, Jacobs J., Paoli G., Ksienzyk A., Sirevaag H., Liotta D. & Brogi A. : Detrital contribution to the northern Apennine foredeep from elusive Paleogene magmatic arcs: evidence from U-Pb zircon dating (Elba Island, Tuscany)
17-25 Stefani C.*, Moscon G., Correggiari A., Fontana A. & Remia A. : Last sea-level cycle in the northern Adriatic Sea: sediment provenance of the shelf deposits
17-3 Tavani S.*, Granado P., Salas R., Bertok C. & Muñoz J.A. : The Late Jurassic to mid-Cretaceous kinematics of the Iberia-Eurasia plate boundary
17-13 Tavani S.*, Parente M., Vitale S., Morsalnejad D. & Mazzoli S. : Early Jurassic extensional tectonics in the Arabian passive continental margin of the Neo-Tethys. Field evidence from the Lurestan region of the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt, Iran
17-26 Velicogna M.*, De Min A., Ziberna L., Marzoli A., Chiaradia M. & Alberti A. : Triassic Magmatism in Eastern Alps
17-27 Velicogna M.*, Princivalle F., Lughi V., Petrelli M. & Lenaz D. : Zircon and rutile in Cenozoic flysch from Krk and Rab (Croatia): age and trace element determination for provenance study 
17-12 Zanchi A.*, Zanchetta S., Benciolini L., Martin S. & Javadi H.R. : Pre-Mesozoic basement units in the NW part of the Central-Eastern Iran Microcontinent: the Jandaq Complex (Central Iran)
17-28 Zanetti A.*, Langone A., Giovanardi T. & Mazzucchelli M. : Towards a comprehensive reconstruction of the Lower Permian to Lower Jurassic geodynamic evolution of the Finero Complex (nortern Ivrea-Verbano Zone)
17-4 Zanetti A.*, Langone A., Tommasi A., Vauchez A., PadrónNavarta J.A., Giovanardi T. & Mazzucchelli M. : Is the contact between mantle and crustal units in the Finero Complex a fossil Permian Moho?


S18. Integrating multiple techniques to constrain the evolution of basement geology

18-13 Bartoli O.* : Forward and inverse phase equilibria modeling of residual migmatites and granulites: an evaluation of the melt-reintegration approach 
18-23 Carosi R.*, Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Cottle J., Tartaglia G., Dal Paos L. & Visonà D. : The Higher Himalayan Discontinuity in the Marshyangdi valley, Central Nepal
18-1 Carosi R.* : What can we learn from the exhumation of the metamorphic core of the Himalayas?
18-17 Casini L.*, Maino M. & Liesa M. : Numerical modelling of flash heating associated to HT-pseudotachylites outside the seismogenic zone
18-3 Chen J.*, Carosi R., Cao H., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Real C., Langone A. & Li G.X. : P-T-T-D paths of the Yalaxiangbo detachment zone, SE Tibet
18-19 Corti L.*, Zucali M. & Zanoni D. : Heterogeneous dominant fabric distribution in metamorphic basement: an example of dominant blueschist-facies imprint in the Eclogitic Micaschist Complex (Lago della Vecchia, Sesia Lanzo Zone, Western Alps)
18-15 Crivellaro M.*, Bartoli O., Cesare B., AcostaVigil A., Petrelli M. & Garrido C.J. : Trace-element geothermometry in metapelitic granulites from Jubrique (Betic Cordillera, Southern Spain)
18-22 Cruciani G.*, Fancello D., Franceschelli M., Iaccarino S., Montomoli C., Carosi R. & Scodina M. : P–T conditions in mylonitic gneiss from Posada Shear Zone, NE Sardinia 
18-18 Da Mommio A.*, Zanchetta S., Poli S. & Zanchi A. : Nappe stacking and metamorphic evolution in the Western Tauern Window
18-24 Dal Paos L.*, Visonà D., Massironi M., Carosi R., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Tartaglia G., Pelizzo M.G. & Tessarolo E. : Editing a geological map of the Manaslu area by remote sensing, petrographic and spectrofotometric analysis
18-25 Di Rosa M.*, De Giorgi A., Marroni M. & Pandolfi L. : 1:10,000 structural map of the Corte Slices in the area between Golo and Tavignano valleys (Central Corsica)
18-7 Di Rosa M.*, Marroni M. & Vidal O. : Three-steps exhumation for the Corte Slices (Alpine Corsica)
18-26 Fazio E.*, Ortolano G., Visalli R., Cirrincione R. & Pezzino A. : Reconstruction of sequential pattern deformation within the multistage evolution of the Montalto Shear Zone (Aspromonte Massif – Calabria)
18-20 Fazio E.*, Ortolano G., Visalli R., Cirrincione R., Fiannacca P., Kern H., Mengel K., Pezzino A. & Punturo R. : Strain-rate estimation of syn-tectonic plutonic rocks: a multiple approach combining paleopiezometry, flow law and PT pseudosection
18-27 Festa V.*, Tursi F., Caggianelli A. & Spiess R. : New insigths on the tectonic evolution of the Hercynian upper continental crust exposed in Calabria (Southern Italy)
18-28 Fiannacca P., Williams I.S., Cirrincione R.* & Hegner E. : Tracking deep crustal processes by U-Pb zircon geochronology and isotopic compositions of metaigneous and metasedimentary granulites, Serre Massif, Calabria, southern Italy
18-29 Graziani R.*, Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Menegon L. & Carosi R. : Structural setting of a transpressive shear zone: insights from geological- mapping, quartz petrofabric and kinematic vorticity analysis along a transect of the Posada-Asinara Line (Sardinia) in the Baronie Region.
18-4 Groppo C., Rolfo F., McClelland W.C. & Gilotti J.A. : Using field mapping, petrology and geochronology to infer the pre-Cenozoic evolution of the Aghil Range (western Tibetan Plateau): a missing piece in the Tibet-Pamir-Karakorum geopuzzle
18-12 Lanari P.*, Düsterhöft E. & Hermann J. : Scales of Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Metamorphic Rocks - Implications for Phase Equilibria Modeling and Pressure-Temperature Reconstructions
18-2 Montemagni C.*, Iaccarino S., Carosi R., Montomoli C., Villa I.M., Massonne H.J. & Jain A.K. : Microstructural, microchemical and geochronological investigation of two opposite, crustal-scale shear zones in the Garhwal Himalaya(NW India)
18-30 Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Nania L.*, Leiss B. & Carosi R. : Kinematics and non-coaxial flow of the South Tibetan Detachment System (Himalaya)
18-14 Ortolano G.*, Cirrincione R. & Visalli R. : Quantitative microstructural analysis vs. numerical metamorphic petrology as a tool to investigate the PTdX evolution of orogenic process
18-21 Ortolano G., Visalli R.*, Cirrincione R. & Godard G. : Metamorphic timescale events constrained by diffusion in garnet overgrowth stages: The Late-Variscan static metamorphism of the Serre Massif (Southern Calabria, Italy)
18-31 Petroccia A.*, Simonetti M., Montomoli C., Carosi R. & Corsini M. : Correlation between Maures Massif (France) and Sardinian Variscan basement: preliminary lithological, structural and metamorphic data from two sections of the European Variscan belt
18-10 Pieruccioni D.*, Galanti Y., Molli G. & Biagioni C. : New geological and structural characterization of Fornovolasco tectonic window (Alpi Apuane, Tuscany, Italy)
18-8 Real C.*, Carosi R., Ferrando S., Froitzheim N., Rubatto D. & Groppo C. : The complex polymetamorphic history of the Southalpine realm: evolution of continental crustal slices from Variscan to Alpine time
18-9 Roda M., Zucali M.*, Li Z.X. & Spalla M.I. : Pre-Permian contrasting tectono-metamorphic evolutions in the Southern Steep Belt (Mortirolo area - Languard-Campo Unit – Central Alps)
18-32 Scodina M.*, Cruciani G., Fancello D. & Franceschelli M. : Garnet-rich nodules in ultramafic amphibolites from NE Sardinia
18-6 Simonetti M.*, Carosi R., Montomoli C. & Langone A. : Geochronology and deformation in the Ferriere-Mollières shear zone (Argentera Massif, Western Alps): similarities and differences compared to other fragments of the Variscan Chain in the Mediterranean area
18-11 Vezzoni S.*, Biagioni C., D’Orazio M., Pieruccioni D. & Petrelli M. : The “Fornovolasco meta-rhyolite”: an early Permian magmatic event recorded in the Apuan Alps basement
18-16 Vho A.*, Rubatto D., Planari P., Giuntoli F. & Regis D. : Garnet chemical and oxygen isotope zoning and accessory mineral investigation to constrain the evolution of subducted continental crust (Sesia Zone, Italy)
18-5 Zanoni D.*, Spalla M.I., Baletti L. & Gosso G. : Pre-alpine history of the Sassa gabbro complex, Dent Blanche nappe, western Austroalpine

S19. Geochronology and geochemistry of accessory minerals: timing of petrogenetic processes and deformation

19-3 Bonazzi M.*, Langone A., PadrónNavarta J.A., Ji W.Q., Zanetti A., Mazzucchelli M., Tiepolo M. & Giovanardi T. : U-Pb dating of zircons from a dyke of the Finero Mafic Complex (Ivrea-Verbano Zone, Italian Alps): when a simple case become a paradox.
19-11 Conte A.M., Cuccuru S.*, Naitza S., Oggiano G., Puccini A. & Secchi F. : Geochronology of late Variscan magmatism of Sardinia: a review
19-4 Cuccuru S.*, Puccini A. & Oggiano G. : Advantages and limitations of zircon U/Pb dating of granites – an example from the Corsica-Sardinia Batholith
19-12 Domenighini G.*, Maino M., Langone L., Schenker F.L. & Seno S. : Constraints on metamorphic evolution from REE minerals, rutile and zircon in pelitic rocks of the Central Alps
19-1 Ewing T.A.*, Beltrando M. & Müntener O. : U–Pb thermochronology of rutile to constrain the exhumation history of the lower crust: an example from Alpine Corsica
19-6 Farina F.*, Dini A., Ovtcharova M., Davies J.H.F.L., Bouvier A.S., Baumgartner L. & Schaltegger U. : Petrogenesis of the two-mica Larderello-Travale plutonic system by assembly of non-contemporaneous, isolated and isotopically distinct magma batches
19-13 Festa V.*, Langone A., Micheletti F. & Spiess R. : Lower crustal metapelites: an ideal case for microstructural and geochronological characterization. An example from migmatitic metapelites of the Serre Massif (Calabria, southern Italy)
19-14 Fornelli A.*, Langone A. & Micheletti F. : U-Pb LA-ICP-MS data on zircons from paragneisses and augen gneisses of Castagna unit in Catena costiera and Sila piccola (Calabria)
19-5 Giovanardi T.*, Lugli F., Girardi V.A.V., Correia C.T., Tassinari C.C.G., Cipriani A. & Mazzucchelli M. : Contamination evidence of the Tonian Goias Stratiform Complex (Brazil) from in situ Lu-Hf zircon analyses
19-15 Giovanardi T., Mazzucchelli M.*, Zanetti A., Decarlis A., Tiepolo M., Langone A. & Fantoni R. : Nature and ages of supposed tuffaceous layers in the triassic carbonate platform of the Strona-Ceneri zone and their geodynamic consequences
19-16 Langone A.*, Zanetti A., Daczko N.R., Piazolo S., Tiepolo M. & Mazzucchelli M. : Zircon U-Pb dating of high-temperature lower crustal deformation within mafic granulites: the lucky case from the Val Cannobina (Ivrea-Verbano Zone; Southern Alps; Italy)
19-2 Langone A. & Tiepolo M.* : T-t evolution of the continental lower crust exposed in Val Cannobina (Ivrea-Verbano Zone): new insight from U-bearing accessory minerals
19-17 Lo Pò D.*, Braga R., Massonne H.J., Molli G., Montanini A. & Theye T. : Monazite dissolution-reprecipitation in medium-grade metasedimentary rocks from the Northern Apennines, Italy
19-18 Naitza S.*, Conte A.M., Cuccuru S., Funedda A., Oggiano G. & Secchi F. : A tentative chronological scheme for the Variscan metallogenic peaks in Sardinia
19-7 Paoli G.*, Rocchi S., Dini A., Vezzoni S., Schaltegger U. & Ovtcharova M. : The plutonic-subvolcanic-volcanic connection in the long-lived Campiglia Marittima igneous system (Tuscany, Italy): a zircon CA-ID-TIMS dating study
19-8 Persano C.*, Luszczak K. & Finlay S. : A new approach to the interpretation of low temperature thermochronology data
19-19 Schenker F.L.*, Ambrosi C., Scapozza C., Czerski D., Castelletti C., Maino M., Antognini M. & Gouffon Y. : Combining in-situ U-Pb geochronology in zircons and geological data to investigate nappe formation in the Central Alps
19-9 Stuart F.M.*, Wu L. & Heizler M. : Precise hematite (U-Th)/He age determinations using a multi-aliquot method
19-10 Toffolo L.*, Nimis P., Martin S. & Tumiati S. : U-Th-Pb dating of hydrothermal ore deposits from electron probe micro-analysis of uraninite: the cases of Cogne, Val Vedello and Novazza (Italian Alps)


S20. Computational geochemistry and mineral sciences: new developments and future directions

20-4 Bruno M.* & Rubbo M. : A Revised Thermodynamic Model for the Crystal Surfaces
20-7 Bruno M.*, Massaro F.R. & Rubbo M. : A new computational approach to the study of epitaxy: the calcite/dolomite case
20-8 Campomenosi N.*, Munì F., Belmonte D., Cabella R. & Carbone C. : Manganese under pressure: thermodynamic modelling of phase relations in blueschist manganesiferous quartzites of Voltri Massif (Varenna Valley, Ligurian Alps)
20-9 Ceresoli D.* & Marzari N. : Ab-initio calculation of NMR spectra of tobermorite and jennite: decoding the microscopic structure of cement
20-1 Dragoni D., Ceresoli D.* & Marzari N. : Thermoelastic properties of bcc-Fe from first-principles and classical molecular dynamics
20-3 Merli M.* & Pavese A. : Bader’s topological analysis coupled with catastrophe theory: getting insight a mineral phase transition
20-6 Murri M.*, Mazzucchelli M.L., Prencipe M., Mihailova B., Scambelluri M., Campomenosi N., Angel R.J. & Alvaro M. : How does quartz respond to deviatoric stresses? Ab initio calculations on SiO2 tectosilicate
20-2 Ottonello G.A.* : Silicate Melts as Polarized Continua
20-5 Stangarone C.*, Tribaudino M., Prencipe M., Maturilli A. & Helbert J. : Ab initio modelling of thermal-IR spectra of olivine and orthopyroxenes: application on remote sensing for Mercury
20-10 Zucchini A.*, Comodi P., Guidoni F., Nazzareni S., Prencipe M. & Balić-Žunić T. : Ab-initio study of sulfosalts: difficulties and perspectives

S21. Natural and model systems to unravel the volatiles cycle in the deep earth

21-6 Casalini M.*, Avanzinelli R., Elliott T. & Conticelli S. : Mo isotopes as tracers for deep recycling of subducted c-rich, anoxic sediments in the mantle source of the roman magmatic province
21-7 Del Vecchio A.*, Poe B.T., Misiti V. & Cestelli Guidi M. : RAMAN and FTIR studies of hydrous natural olivine and synthetic forsterite at 1100°C and up to 4 GPa
21-8 Miozzi F.*, Morard G., Clark A., Fiquet G. & Pakhomova A.S. : Deep Earth carbon reservoirs: an experimental study on carbide systems under high pressures
21-9 Pellegrino L.*, Zanchetta S., Tumiati S. & Malaspina N. : Evidence for mantle metasomatism by slab-derived fluids in garnet peridotites of Monte Duria, Central Alps, N Italy.
21-3 Piccoli F.*, Ague J.J., Bosch D. & Vitale Brovarone A. : High-Pressure rock carbonation: implications for the reactivity of C-bearing fluids and the magnitude of fluid flow in the subducting slab
21-4 Poli S.* & Schettino E. : Hydrous carbonatitic liquids generated by subducted pelagic carbonates
21-5 Stagno V.*, Caruso M. & Dominijanni S. : The speciation of carbon within eclogite rocks as function of pressure, temperature and oxygen fugacity. Implications for the origin of carbonatitic melts and diamonds
21-2 Tiepolo M.*, Sessa G., Cannaò E., Ferrari E., Schiavi F., Della Ventura G., Moroni M., Poli S., Giazzi G. & Krotz L. : The potential role of amphibole in fixing carbon in the lower crust
21-1 Vitale Brovarone A.* : Deep abiotic hydrocarbons: subduction zones are undisclosed reservoirs

S22. Innovative methods and techniques for soil and water characterization and the definition of natural background values

22-3 Briganti A., Voltaggio M., Soligo M. & Tuccimei P.* : Radium isotopes and their decay products to assess the age of a NAPL-spill
22-2 Cidu R. & Biddau R.* : Hydrogeochemistry and threshold values of Cl-, SO42- and F- in groundwater
22-7 Fornasaro S.*, Comodi P., Crispini L., Marescotti P. & Zucchini A. : Cr, Ni, and other Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) in serpentine soils from different ophiolite complexes (Liguria, Italy) 
22-1 Galanti Y.*, Barsanti M., Biagioni C., D’Orazio M., Pieruccioni D. & Vezzoni S. : Thallium distribution in rocks from the Sant’Anna tectonic window (Apuan Alps, Italy)
22-6 Molinari S.*, Salviulo G., Carbone C. & Nestola F. : Micro-Raman Spectroscopy: a useful tool for COPR soils characterization 
22-8 Pompilio L.*, Tangari A.C., Pepe M. & Marinangeli L. : Monitoring soil organic matter content in croplands through Vis-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy
22-9 Quistini S., Oddone M. & Villa I.M.* : Sustainability of aquifers in Mali: Sr and Pb isotopic signatures and tritium age
22-4 Vespasiano G.*, Apollaro C., D’Agostino E., Muraca A., Muto F., Tripodi V. & De Rosa R. : Preliminary geochemical and geological characterization of the thermal sites of Galatro and Antonimina (South Calabria, Italy)
22-5 Villa I.M.*, Nagler T.F. & Voegelin A.R. : Mo isotopic fractionation in Tso Morari lake waters

S23. Geochemistry and isotope-geochemistry in food traceability: state of the art and new perspectives

23-7 Arienzo I., D'Antonio M.* & Di Vito M.A. : Relationships between Sr isotopic composition of mineral waters and deciduous human teeth: a contribution to human mobility and food traceability studies in Italy
23-5 Braschi E., Marchionni S.,Tommasini S., Natarelli L., Bucelli P., Priori S., Costantini E.A.C. & Conticelli S.* : 87Sr/86Sr in wines, grapevine sap, soils, and bedrocks: an experimental study on geologic and pedologic characterisation using radiogenic isotope of heavy elements
23-1 Cavazzini G.* & Roccato D. : Inter-measure determination of the isotopic composition of Strontium
23-8 Durante C.*, Bagni E., Bertelli D., Camin F., Cocchi M., Grando M.S., Lambertini P., Manzini D., Pisoni A., Rossi M.C., Mattivi F. & Marchetti A. : New analytical methodologies for geographical and varietal traceability of enological products 
23-4 Durante C.*, Cocchi M., Lambertini P., Li Vigni M., Manzini D., Rossi M.C. & Marchetti A. : Development of geographical traceability model of oenological products by means of strontium isotope ratio 87Sr/86Sr 
23-6 Ghezzi L.*, Petrini R., Arienzo L. & Demarchi G. : Determination of trace elements and strontium isotope ratio in grape musts of the northern Piedmont Region (Italy) by mass spectrometry based techniques
23-9 Petrini R.*, Ghezzi L., Castorina F., Scotti C., Ottria G. & Bartelletti A. : Geological and geochemical fingerprints of the Bosa Geopark-Farm vineyards (Apuan Alps, Italy). Preliminary results
23-3 Tescione I.*, Marchionni S., Tassi F., Romano C., Mattei M. & Conticelli S. : A comparative 87Sr/86Sr study on Red and White wines to validate its use as geochemical tracer for the geographical origin of wine
23-2 Tescione I., Marchionni S.*, Vignozzi N., Mattei M. & Conticelli S. : 87Sr/86Sr isotopes in grapes of different cultivars used as a geochemical tool for geographic traceability of agriculture products

S24. Emerging pollutants in the environment: a challenge for geochemistry and isotope-geochemistry

24-1 Catani V.*, Zuzolo D., Cicchella D., Albanese S. & Esposito L. : Integrated approach to the assessment of Campania Plain water vulnerability
24-7 Cicchella D.*, Hoogewerff J., Zuzolo D., Albanese S., Lima A. & De Vivo B. : Lead isotopes as tracers of toxic elements transfer from the environment to humans. A case of study in the Sarno river basin, south Italy
24-8 Cicchella D.*, Zuzolo D., Albanese S., Di Tota I., Fedele L., Lima A. & De Vivo B. : Potentially toxic elements distribution in the soil of Salerno urban area (Italy)
24-9 Mongelli G.*, Oggiano G., Paternoster M., Sinisi R., Cuccuru S. & De Luca F. : Minor and trace elements distribution in hypothermal groundwater of north-western Sardinia: an environmental challenge
24-10 Qu C.*, Albanese S., Lima A., Li J., Doherty A.L., Qi S. & De Vivo B. : Residues of chlorinated pesticides in the soils of the Campanian Plain (Southern Italy) and health implications.
24-6 Rezza C.*, Albanese S., Ayuso R., Lima A. & De Vivo B. : Geochemical and Pb isotopic characterization of the Domizio Flegreo and Agro Aversano area (Campania region, Italy).
24-2 Russo F., Sisto M., Valente A.* & the collaboration of the students of the Aeclanum High School in Mirabella Eclano Italy : The role of atmospheric pollutants in the assessment of Air Quality Index in the middle of Irpinia (Campania, Italy)
24-3 Tamburo E.*, Varrica D., Dongarrà G., Alaimo M.G., Monna F., Losno R., Sanna E., De Giudici G. & Valenza M. : Lead isotopes in biological matrices to identify potential sources of contamination: the case study of Sulcis-Iglesiente district (SW Sardinia, Italy).
24-4 Zuluaga M.C.*, Norini G., Ayuso R., Nieto J.M., Lima A., Albanese S. & De Vivo B. : Geochemical mapping and Pb isotopic signatures of geogenic and anthropogenic sources in three localities in SW Spain with different land use and geology
24-5 Zuzolo D.*, Cicchella D., Albanese S., Catani V., Dinelli E., Lima A., Valera P. & De Vivo B. : Arsenic: geochemical distribution and human health risk in Italy
24-11 Zuzolo D.*, Thiombane M., Cavaliere M., Cicchella D., Albanese S., Lima A. & De Vivo B. : Topsoil geochemistry exploration through compositional data analysis and C-A fractal model

S25. Geological carbon cycle

25-1 Avanzinelli R.*, Casalini M., Elliott T. & Conticelli S. : Carbon fluxes from subducted carbonates revealed by U isotopes at Vesuvius
25-7 Cardellini C.*, Chiodini G., Frondini F. & Caliro S. : A review on CO2 fluxes from diffuse degassing in Italy
25-6 D’Alessandro W.*, Daskalopoulou K., Gagliano A.L., Calabrese S., Fiebig J., Tassi F., Kyriakopoulos K. & Li Vigni L. : Microbial methane oxidation leading to extreme isotopic fractionation in thermal springs of central Greece
25-8 Daskalopoulou K. *, Calabrese S., Fiebig J., Kyriakopoulos K., Li Vigni L., Parello F., Tassi F. & D’Alessandro W. : Light hydrocarbons as a proxy to identify the origin of the gas manifestations in Greece
25-5 Frondini F.*, Cardellini C., Donnini M. & Vetuschi Zuccolini M. : Chemical weathering and CO2 consumption at mid latitudes
25-9 Li Vigni L., Daskalopoulou K.*,Calabrese S., D’Alessandro W. & Parello F. : Mineralogy of the soils altered by fumarolic activity at Nisyros volcano, Greece
25-3 Malusà M.G.*, Ferrando S., Brandmayr E., Romanelli F., Panza G. & Frezzotti M.L. : Cold subduction and long-term carbon cycle: insights from geophysical and petrologic data sets from the Alpine region
25-4 Rapa G.*, Groppo C., Rolfo F., Petrelli M. & Mosca P. : The deep carbon cycle in collisional orogens: a petro-chronological approach to understand and quantify metamorphic CO2 producing processes
25-10 Tiraboschi C.*, Malaspina N., Ferrando S., Petrelli M. & Frezzotti M.L. : Carbonate metasomatism in the lithosphere beneath El Hierro (Canary Islands): new insights on carbon mobilization from deep mantle xenoliths
25-2 Tumiati S.* : Is the CO2 content of subduction-zone fluids higher than previously thought?
25-11 Venturi S.*, Tassi F., Fazi S., Crognale S., Rossetti S., Cabassi J., Capecchiacci F., Nisi B. & Vaselli O. : Geosphere-biosphere interaction in extreme environments: microbial life's capability of shaping VOCs emissions from the soil in the Solfatara Crater (Campi Flegrei, southern Italy)

S26. Fluid geochemistry in geothermal, volcanic and seismically active areas

26-7 Beddini G.*, Frondini F., Caliro S., Cardellini C. & Rosiello A. : Triponzo: a thermal system in a cold area of the Apennines (Italy)
26-3 Cabassi J.*, Capecchiacci F., Magi F., Tassi F., Montalvo F., Esquivel I., Grassa F., Vaselli O. & Caprai A. : First geochemical characterization of water and dissolved gases of Coatepeque, Ilopango and Chanmico volcanic lakes (El Salvador, Central America)
26-8 Cardellini C.*, Chiodini G., Avino R., Bagnato E., Caliro S., Frondini F., Lelli M. & Rosiello A. : Long-term variation of diffuse CO2 degassing during a volcanic unrests: the case of Campi Flegrei (Italy).
26-1 Chiodini G.* : Two different approaches to hydrothermal gas equilibria at Solfatara
26-9 Fedele A.*, Somma R., Wiersberg T., Moretti R., Pedone M., Troise C. & De Natale G. : Monitoring of hydrothermal gases at the Campi Flegrei caldera (South Italy): geochemical evidences from the pilot hole of CF Drilling Project
26-10 Magi F.*, Giannini L., Minissale A., Pandeli E., Tassi F., Mussi M. & Vaselli O. : Isotope geochemistry of rainfall, thermal and non-thermal waters from the Mt. Amiata area (northern-central Italy): Preliminary data (January - August 2017)
26-4 Paternoster M.*, Caracausi A. & Nuccio M.P. : New constraints about CO2 emission from volcanoes and the time of last activity
26-6 Pierotti L.*, Facca G. & Gherardi F. : Geochemical continuous signals processing by multiple statistical techniques: application to the Gallicano thermomineral spring 
26-5 Quattrocchi F.*, Galli G., Sciarra A., Caliro S., Gallo F. & Bovini S. : Baseline studies to select the most sound and sensitive sites to install continuous  multidisciplinary & sismo-geochemical monitoring networks, stressing the discovering of “sensitive sites” during seismic sequences, i.e., the Amatrice-Norcia one case history
26-11 Ricci A.*, Grassa F., Tassi F., Vaselli O., Ferranti L., Garofalo P.S., Nardi G. & Cammarosano A. : Geochemical properties of the low-temperature geothermal fluids (thermal springs, paleofluids) from Suio, Central Italy
26-2 Sortino F.*, Alparone S. & Carapezza M.L. : Dynamics of magma ascent thought the study of geochemical and geophysical data acquired at the same time

S27. Magma chamber and eruptive dynamics resolved by natural and experimental evidences

27-8 Bonechi B.*, Tecchiato V., Perinelli C. & Gaeta M. : High-Mg basalts from Capo Marargiu (Sardinia, Italy): experimental constraints on amphibole stability in a primitive calc-alkaline magma
27-1 Buono G.*, Pappalardo L. & Petrosino P. : 3D textural and geochemical investigation to explore magmatic evolution and eruptive dynamic of  Pomici di Base plinian eruption
27-5 Casetta F.*, Coltorti M., Giacomoni P.P., Bonadiman C. & Ntaflos T. : A crosschecked model to constrain P-T-fO2-H2O of a water-rich K-alkaline system: the unique case of the Predazzo Triassic volcano-plutonic complex
27-13 Casetta F.*, Giacomoni P., Coltorti M., Ferlito C. & Bonadiman C. : Mt. Etna vs. Hyblean Plateau: modelling the mantle source beneath SE Sicily
27-14 Di Piazza A., Vona A., Romano C., Mollo S., De Astis G. & Soto G.J. : Dynamics of the “El Retiro" subplinian eruption of Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica): evidences from stratigraphic, petrological and textural analyses.
27-4 Giacomoni P.P.*, Coltorti M., Mollo S., Ferlito C., Braiato M. & Scarlato P. : Vertically zoned plumbing system at Mt. Etna feeding the 2011-2012 paroxysmal eruptions
27-15 Giacomoni P.P., Casetta F., Coltorti M., Ferlito C. & Valenti V.* : P-T-fO2-H2O modelling of Voragine and New South East Crater magmatic systems during the December 2015 summit activity at Mt. Etna (Italy)
27-10 Giuliani L.*, Iezzi G., Vetere F., Nazzari M., Mollo S., Misiti V., Ventura G., Cavallo A. & Behrens H. : Textural evolution of plagioclase, clynopiroxene and spinel from a basaltic melt as a function of cooling rate
27-16 Giuliani L., Iezzi G., Vetere F., Nazzari M., Mollo S., Misiti V., Ventura G., Cavallo A. & Behrens H. : Chemical variations of phases grown from a basaltic melt cooled at variable rates
27-17 Kolzenburg S., Di Genova D.*, Giordano D., Mader H. & Dingwell D.B. : The effect of oxygen fugacity on the non-isothermal rheology of basalts
27-18 La Felice S.*, Landi P., Vezzoli L. & Principe C. : The origin of the K-feldspar megacrysts hosted in the silica-rich products from Mt. Amiata (Southern Tuscany, Italy)
27-3 Lanzafame G.*, Iezzi G., Mancini L., Lezzi F., Mollo S. & Ferlito C. : Turbulence (non-laminar) and solidification during magma ascent: Insights from 2D and 3D imaging in an Etnean dyke
27-9 Luciani N.*, Stagno V., Faraone D.B., Lustrino M., Masotta M., Narzisi S. & Scarlato P. : Assimilation of calcite by ultrabasic melts
27-2 Moretti R.*, De Natale G., Troise C., Somma R., Pedone M., Fedele A. & Schiavone R. : Hydrothermal Vs magmatic sources of geochemical anomalies at Campi Flegrei caldera: a review and a joint interpretation of geochemical and geophysical data
27-19 Moretti R.*, Métrich N., Di Renzo V., Aiuppa A., Allard P. & Arienzo I. : Degassing vs. eruptive styles at Mt. Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy): Volatile stocking, gas fluxing, and the shift from low-energy to highly-explosive basaltic eruptions
27-20 Nazzari M.*, Mollo S., Blundy J.D., Giacomoni P., Scarlato P., Coltorti M., Langone A. & Andronico D. : Clinopyroxene-melt element partitioning during interaction between trachybasaltic magma and siliceous crust: Clues from quartzite enclaves at Mt. Etna volcano
27-22 Pelullo C.*, Arienzo I., Cirillo G., Mazzeo F.C., Aulinas M., Turiel J.L.F. & D’Antonio M. : Magmatic processes inferred from geochemical and Sr-Nd-isotopic data on the <5 ka Zaro lava complex, Ischia Island (Southern Italy)
27-12 Pisello A.*, Di Genova D., Hess K.U. & Dingwell D.B. : Raman spectra of a haplogranitic system: correlation with melt viscosity
27-21 Pontesilli A.*, Masotta M., Nazzari M., Armienti P., Mollo S., Scarlato P. & Brenna M. : Experimental observation of extremely rapid clinopyroxene growth in a trachybasaltic melt: Clues on phenocryst crystallization kinetics in naturally cooled magmas
27-23 Primerano P.*, Vona A., Giordano G. & De Vita S. : The rheology and the volume of crystal-rich lava flows from Ischia Island (Campania, Italy)
27-24 Rossi S.*, Petrelli M., Morgavi D., GonzálezGarcía D., Fischer L.A., Vetere F. & Perugini D. : Exponential decay of concentration variance during magma mixing: robustness of a volcanic chronometer and implications for the homogenization of chemical heterogeneities in magmatic systems
27-11 Sicola S.*, Di Genova D., Romano C., Vona A. & Fanara S. : Water content estimation of hydrous natural glasses: a Raman spectroscopy study
27-25 Sicola S.*, Vona A., Romano C., Ryan A.G. & Russell J.K. : Rheology of H2O-filled bubble-bearing magmas: experimental determination at low strain rates
27-6 Viccaro M.* : How the modern Etna plumbing system works: messages from the crystal cargo of recently erupted volcanic rocks
27-7 Ziberna L.* & Blundy J.D. : The depth of igneous cumulates in the Lesser Antilles island arc

S28. Basaltic explosive volcanism: magma ascent, degassing and eruptive dynamics

28-7 Aloisi M., Barberi G., Bonaccorso A., Bruno V., Mattia M.* & Patanè D. : Insights in the plumbing system of Stromboli volcano (Italy) from seismic tomographic images and ground deformation models
28-2 Andronico D.*, Corsaro R.A., Ciancitto F. & Cristaldi A. : Preliminary data on the dispersal area and textural features of products ejected by the 16 March 2017 phreatomagmatic explosions at Etna
28-8 Bruno P.P.G.*, Bernardinetti S., Lavoué F., Gresse M., Vandemeulebrouck J. & Revil A. : Non-standard cooperative processing and interpretation of multi-variate data sets: The example of Solfatara Volcano, Italy
28-5 Corsaro R.A.* & Miraglia L. : The paroxysmal activity of the New Southeast Crater, Mt. Etna (Italy), from 2011 to 2013
28-3 Di Roberto A.*, Bertagnini A., Del Carlo P., Pompilio M. & Meletlidis S. : The 1909 Chinyero eruption on Tenerife (Canary Islands): insights from historical accounts, and tephrostratigraphic and geochemical data
28-1 Di Traglia F.*, Pistolesi M., Esposti Ongaro T., de’ Michieli Vitturi M., Bonadonna C. & Rosi M. : Dynamics of pyroclastic density currents generation and ballistic ejection during shallow hydrothermal blasts: insights from the deposits, physical modelling and numerical simulation of the 13th century “Breccia di Commenda” eruption (Vulcano island, Italy)
28-9 Marianelli P., Gurioli L. & Caracciolo A. : The nature of the shallow conduit of Stromboli in the major explosion of 21 January 2010 revealed through textural and geochemical characterization of bombs
28-4 Masotta M.* & Keppler H. : A new hydrothermal moissanite cell apparatus for optical in-situ observations at high pressure and high temperature, with applications to bubble nucleation in silicate melts
28-10 Massaro S.*, Sulpizio R., Costa A., Capra L., Norini G., Groppelli G. & Lucchi F. : On the eruptive style transition at calc-alkaline volcanoes: the example of the 1913 eruption at Fuego de Colima volcano (Mexico)
28-11 Paonita A.*, Caracausi A., Martelli M. & Rizzo A. : Helium Isotopes in volcanic gases quantify refill and pressure buildup in magma reservoirs at Mt Etna
28-6 Pompilio M.*, Bertagnini A., Del Carlo P. & Di Roberto A. : Magma dynamics within a basaltic conduit revealed by textural and compositional features of erupted ash: the December 2015 Mt. Etna paroxysms 
28-12 Todde A., Cioni R.*, Pistolesi M., Geshi N. & Bonadonna C. : The 1914 Taisho eruption of Sakurajima volcano: stratigraphy and dynamics of the largest eruption in Japan during the 20th century

S29. The study of volcanic ash as a tool for eruption mechanisms and tephra correlations

29-6 Albert P.G.*, Giaccio B., Isaia R., Nomade S., Pereira A., Costa A. & Smith V.C. : Proximal counterpart of the widespread Y-3 tephra (29 ka): Constraints on a large magnitude eruption at Campi Flegrei caldera
29-4 Aravena Á.*, de’ Michieli Vitturi M., Cioni R. & Neri A. : Injection of phreatic water into volcanic conduits: Insights from numerical modelling
29-7 Bloise A., Cannata C.B.*, Talesa N., Petrungaro E., Critelli T., Apollaro C. & De Rosa R. : Hydrothermal Alteration of basaltic ash from Etna (Italy), and Implications for Mars
29-8 Cannata C.B.*, De Rosa R., Donato P. & Muto F. : New insight on the palaeogeographic significance of the volcaniclastic level of Amantea Basin (Coastal Chain, north-western Calabria)
29-1 Cannata C.B.*, De Rosa R., Donato P., Donato S., Lanzafame G., Mancini L. & Houghton B. : New inferences on Pele’s hair origin by 3D X-ray imaging
29-2 Critelli T., Apollaro C., Bloise A., Cannata C.B., Talesa N., Petrungaro E. & De Rosa R.* : Experimental leaching of volcanic ashes from Etna and Stromboli
29-9 Cubellis E., De Stefano R. & Pappalardo L.* : Chemical composition of ash samples versus eruptive mechanism of 1906 Vesuvius eruption
29-5 Di Roberto A.*, Smedile A., Del Carlo P., De Martini P.M., Iorio M., Petrelli M., Pantosti D., Pinzi S. & Todrani A. : Tephrochronology of a ~ 60,000 years lacustrine sequence from the Fucino Basin, central Apennines, Italy
29-3 Gabellini P., Bonadonna C., Cioni R.*, Pistolesi M., Geshi N., Rossi E. & Bagheri G. : Morphologic and dynamic analysis of ash and ash aggregates at Sakurajima volcano (Japan)
29-10 Mannella G.*, Zanchetta G., Giaccio B., Regattieri E., Wagner B., Niespolo E.M., Renne P., Nomade S. & Pereira A. : Fucino Basin: a key site for reconstructing Mediterranean Quaternary tephrostratigraphy
29-11 Morgavi D.*, Valentini L., Ielpo M., Laeger K., Porreca M., Costa A. & Perugini D. : A new approach to study the micro-texture of accretionary lapilli: the case of Secche di Lazzaro (Stromboli, Aeolian Islands) 

S30. Mapping geological structures and volcanic phenomena for hazard assessment: traditional and innovative approaches

30-7 Angioletti A.*, Tadini A. & Bisson M. : Morphological evolution of Somma-Vesuvius caldera during the last century: integration between historical maps and airborne LiDAR survey
30-6 Argnani A.*, Mazzarini F., Isola I., Bisson M. & Bonazzi C. : A large-scale submarine slide offshore Mt. Etna: Did the margin collapsed earlier than the volcano?
30-3 Barreca G.*, Branca S. & Monaco C. : Three-dimensional modeling of Mount Etna volcano: volume assessment, trend of eruption rates and geodynamic significance
30-8 Bevilacqua A., Neri A., Bisson M., Esposti Ongaro T., Flandoli F., Isaia R.*, Rosi M. & Vitale S. : Conditional effects of vent location, event scale and time forecasts on pyroclastic density currents hazard maps at Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy)
30-9 Brunori C.A.*, Bignami C., Zucca F. & Stramondo S. : Monitoring of  the Volcan de Colima activity (Jalisco – MEXICO) using COSMO-SkyMed time series: first results
30-5 Pinton A., Pensa A., Giordano G., Battaglini L., D’Angelo S., Fiorentino A.* & Vita L. : Map of submerged volcanic structures in Italy
30-1 Principe C.* : Geological mapping methods for hazard assessment in volcanic area - a review 
30-10 Silleni A.*, Giordano G. & Isaia R. : A new isopach map for the Campanian Ignimbrite, Campi Flegrei, Italy
30-2 Tadini A.*, Bevilacqua A., Bisson M. & Neri A. : Data uncertainty quantification in volcanic hazard assessment: review and examples
30-4 Tarquini S.* & Coppola D. : Heat and mass dissipation during lava flow emplacement: the effect of slope

S31. Geosciences at school 2017

31-19 Agliardi F.*, Di Capua A., Fusi N., Limonta M., Malusà M.G., Pellegrino L., Resentini A., Valagussa A., Valbuzzi E., Vezzoli G. & Zanchetta S. : Valsassina “sopra e sotto”: un’esplorazione geologica a due passi da Milano
31-20 Andreotti S., Giannella S. & Storti M.* : I colori della Terra. Esempi in ambito Ligure-Toscano
31-1 Barone G.*, Finocchiaro C., Mazzoleni P. & Bonacini E. : An innovative and interactive approch for an educational mineralogical museum  
31-4 Bernagozzi A.E.*, Giuli G., Paris E., Carbognani A. & Christille J.M. : Observing the sky, understanding the Earth: an Earth Sciences Astronomy-related Educational Package for high school teachers and students
31-21 Bonaccorsi E.*, Pieraccioni F., Dini A., Scaglia P., Galluzzi E. & Orsini M. : Museo, scuola dell’infanzia e università in un progetto di educazione scientifica
31-22 Bonaccorsi E., Gioncada A.* & Pieraccioni F. : Earth Science Knowledges of Freshmen: a Survey in Italy
31-2 Botticelli G.*, Fabrizi L., Lombardi L., Ruggiero L., Silvestri M., Chirri M., Cifelli F. & Mattei M. : The educational and dissemination activities of astronomy and geology held in the Geopaleontological Museum of Rocca di Cave, Roma Tre University
31-23 Ciarcia S., La Luna A., Russo F. & the students of the IISS CAT Ruggero II High School of Ariano Irpino Italy : An educational approach for a PLS Geological Information Laboratory
31-24 Cicconi A.*, Katz Cooper S. & Kurtz N. : Teaching geoscience from a ship. The case of an Outreach Officer onboard the JOIDES Resolution
31-7 Cifelli F., Adanti B., Bollati A., Grossi F., Lucci F. & Mattei M. : PLS in geology: a tool for consolidating the relationship between School and University
31-25 Cirrincione R.* : From School to University: the “Strategic Student” Initiative of the Italian National Action of Scientific degree for Geoscience
31-14 Colotti C.* & Pieraccioni F. : Modelizzazione di Minerali con Stampante 3D
31-3 Corrado S.*, Adanti B., Bollati A., Caneva G., Gioia C., Grossi F., de Angelis I., Magrone P., Mobilio S., Paolucci F. & Tedeschini Lalli L. : From Cosmos to Earth to Life to Culture. A Resilient Strategy for Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Science Outreach activities: the proposal of a “Widespread Museum” for the City of Rome
31-6 Cossu C.* : Cycling&Science: game together
31-26 De Nunzio A., Langella A., Nicoletti M.C., Russo F.*, Travaglione S. & the collaboration of the students of Applied Sciences of the Galilei–Vetrone High School of Benevento, Italy : Looking for the Lithosphere
31-27 Diliberto I.S.*, Calabrese S. & Gioia C. : Geoscience Workshops on Sicilian active volcanoes: Implementing the School Education through collaboration among different institutions
31-13 Eramo G.*, Monno A., Mesto E., De Tullio M. & Ferilli S. : Aural Structure: creation of musical models in mineralogy education
31-28 Ercolino I.* : A CLIL tool for teaching geosciences and safety rules in primary school
31-11 Ghirotti M., Rossi V., Mazzucchelli M.*, Natali C. & Berti M. : Field-based Earth learning for high-school teachers: training activities from Alps and Apennines
31-29 Gigante F.* : Building awareness of their origins from the knowledge of the territory
31-5 Gravina T.*, Cossu C., Fosella X., Macchia S. & Molaro D. : The Scientix project: an opportunity to share best practices in earth science teaching
31-30 Gravina T.* & Farina L. : Speleology as an opportunity to realize didactic laboratory on the territory
31-15 Landi B. & Papini P.* : Il tempo della natura e il tempo dell'uomo: una lunga storia di cambiamenti climatici
31-31 Macario M.*, Talarico F. & Paris E. : Hiring students as citizen scientists: a learning unit based on open data from an Antarctic drill-core
31-32 Macchia S.*, Gravina T. & Cossu C. : Inquiry Learning Space: an innovative tool to teach Earth Science in secondary school.
31-33 Maraffi S.* & Paris E. : Learning on Gaming improves integrated development of basic Science skills and fosters curiosity towards the Earth Sciences.
31-34 Montomoli C.*, Bonaccorsi E., Gioncada A., Pieraccioni F., Ragaini L., Iaccarino S. & Vezzoni S. : Plate tectonics: discovering ocean and continent on the Apuan Alps
31-9 Montomoli C.* : From field and lab experiences to school desks: a “Piano lauree scientifiche” project at Pisa University
31-35 Pennesi D.*, Ricciardi S., Menichelli F. & Paris E. : Lettura del paesaggio in chiave interdisciplinare. Scienze, Geografia ed Educazione Tecnica in sinergia per un apprendimento multiplo.
31-36 Pieraccioni F., Pandolfi L., Ribolini A., Casaburo S., Ricci F. & Fancesconi F. : An Approach Path to Earth Science
31-12 Pieraccioni F.* : Earth Science Learning Research: Metaphysics or Science?
31-37 Porta M.*, Paris E., Pelfini M.  & Invernizzi M.C. : Evaluation of theatre as a way to promote Earth sciences skills debating
31-18 Porta M.*, Paris E., Pelfini M. & Cabrini A. : Analysis of Earth Sciences teaching methods and contents in high school curricula after the Gelmini reform 
31-38 Realdon G.*, Candussio G., Manià M., Palamin S.†, Paris E. & Invernizzi M.C. : System approach to Earth Sciences by means of a vertically articulated  curriculum on marine micro-plastics
31-8 Russo F., Sisto M., Valente A.* & the collaboration of the students of the Aeclanum High School in Mirabella Eclano (Italy) : How does the geologist work? The educational approach of a PLS Laboratory
31-39 Scacchetti M. & Bertacchini M. : Geosciences laboratorial experiences in the Middle-school
31-40 Stacchiotti L.*, Acqua A., Pennesi D., Giannangeli A., Teloni F., Vissani P. & Paris E. : Environmental education through geosciences: chocoland, an edible experiment
31-10 Tassistro M.*, Marescotti P., Matricardi G., Torella G. & Cabella R. : "Design and experimentation of educational activities in geosciences for secondary school."
31-16 Todesco M.*, Lolli B., Sheldrake T., Perfetti P., Cavaliere A., Danesi S. & Camassi R. : Right about to explode. Outreach activities for Earth Sciences
31-17 Ugolini F.*, Di Lonardo S., Rossi R., Coppola E., Raspini S., Giacinti L. & Macario M. : Primary and secondary school students explore geosciences in extreme environment: attitude and knowledge acquisition

S32. Open Poster Session

32-1 Belgiorno M.* & Pasquini G. : Hydrogeochemical contribution to the knowledge of the multilayered aquifer of the Pisa alluvial plain 
32-2 Bernardinetti S.*, Bruno P.P. , Maraio S., Guastaldi E., Cicala V., Minucci S., Giannuzzi M., Trotta M., Petrolo F., Febo S., Colonna T., Brogna F., Tufarolo E. & Milighetti O. : Shallow aquifer characterization through an integrated geophysical approach: the case of Laterina, Italy
32-3 De Guidi G., Vecchio A., Brighenti F., Caputo R., Carnemolla F., Di Pietro A., Lupo M., Maggini M., Marchese S., Messina D., Monaco C. & Naso S. : Co-seismic displacement on October 26 and 30, 2016 (Mw 5.9 and 6.5) earthquakes in central Italy from the analysis of discrete GNSS network
32-4 Ferretti G.*, Keiblinger M.K., Di Giuseppe D., Faccini B., Colombani N., ZechmeisterBoltenstern S., Coltorti M. & Mastrocicco M. : Short-term soil microbial biomass response to different zeolitite amendments
32-5 Gentilucci M.* & Paris E. : An integrated GIS to protect the cultural heritage against natural hazards (heritageGIS)
32-6 Italiano F., Yuce G., Di Bella M., Rojay B., Sabatino G., Tripodo A., Martelli M., Rizzo A.L., Misseri M.G. & Romano D.* : Noble gases and rock geochemistry of intraplate volcanics from the SE Turkey
32-7 Maimaiti M., Carroll M.R.*, Dingwell D.B. & Giuli G. : Experimental study of monazite solubility in granitic melts
32-8 Nardò S.*, Ascione A., Mazzoli S., Terranova C. & Vilardo G. : PS-InSAR time series analysis of pre- to co-seismic deformation: the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake (Central Italy) case study
32-9 Nisi B.*, Bogdevich O., Vaselli O., Nicoara I., Tassi F., Culighin E., Mogorici C., Jeleapov V. & Mussi M. : The Republic of Moldova underground waters: good amount vs. bad quality
32-10 Pagnotta S.*, Grifoni E., Legnaioli S., Lorenzetti G., Palleschi V., Raneri S. & Lezzerini M. : µ-LIBS in mineralogical and petrographic applications for cultural heritage
32-11 Piana F.*, Fioraso G., Irace A., Mosca P., d’Atri A., Barale L., Falletti P., Monegato G., Morelli M., Tallone S. & Vigna G.B. : Geology of Piemonte region (NW Italy, Alps–Apennines interference zone)
32-12 Porreca M.*, Minelli G., Ercoli M., Brobia A., Mirabella F., Mancinelli P., Cruciani F., Giorgetti C., Cavinato G., Cannata A., Pauselli C., Carboni F. & Barchi M. : Seismic reflection profiles and deep geological sections across the area interested by the 2016-2017 earthquake sequence
32-13 Privitera G.* : Motta S. Anastasia eruptive center: a true Neck?
32-14 Sabatino G.*, Battaglia F., Caridi F., Italiano F., Marcianò G., Quartieri S. & Di Bella M. : Mineralogical and geochemical study on beach placers of the Calabrian Coast as potential source of L-REE
32-15 Salari G.* : Mantle xenoliths from Sardinia
32-17 Somma R.*, Silvestro M., Cascio M. & Torre E. : A new GIS-based approach for the search of simulated clandestine graves
32-16 Somma R.*, Cucinotta F., Guglielmino E., Marotta G., Nicolosi A., Risitano G., Torre E. & Zavattaro D. : The importance of laser scanning in the analysis of “exhumed” crime scenes: a new method for recording and documenting clandestine graves
32-18 Valerio E.*, Castaldo R., Carminati E., De Novellis V., Doglioni C., Lanari R., Pepe S., Solaro G. & Tizzani P. : Estimation of the the rock volumes involved in a graviquake: the M6.5 Norcia earthquake case-study 
32-19 Valerio E.*, Tizzani P., Carminati E. & Doglioni C. : Aftershocks in seismic sequences: a comparison between extensional and contractional tectonic settings